Types of UK licence and the format of call signs
Use of Amateur Radio during disasters
Supervision of licensed and non licensed persons
Maritime Mobile operation
CEPT and reciprocal licensing
Types of messages allowable. Frequencies to be used
Unattended operation
Logging and Identification
Apparatus, Inspection Closedown and renewal
Inspection and Close Down. Renewal and revocation of Licence
Understanding The Schedule of frequencies, Modes, Power Levels etc
Symbols,use of prefixes to denote size, PD and EMF, Voltage drop, source reistance / impedence
Resistors in series and/or parallel
Calculating Power from Voltage and Current
Potential dividers
Introducing Capacitors, structure, use, calculating value
Time Constant in RC circuits
Inductance, slug tuning and ferrite beads
AC Circuits 1
AC circuits 2 
Tuned circuits 1 
Tuned Circuits 2
Filters and Screening
Temperature effects and components
Solid state devices 1 - diodes
Solid state devices 2 - zener and varicap diodes
Solid state devices 3 - junction transistors, FETs and biasing
Solid state devices 4 - transistor configuration
Solid state devices 5 - classes of transistor amplifiers and their efficiencies
Decibels and calculations
Mains Power Supplies - rectification, smoothing and stabilisation
Transmitter architecture - SSB and mixers, FM and multipliers
Oscillators - functions of  VFOcomponents. Frequency synthesis - PLL and DDS
Frequency multipliers and Mixers
Power Amplifiers 1
Power Amplifiers 2
Transmitter Interference 1
Transmitter Interference 2 and  External Power Amplifiers
Receiver parameters and terminology
Receiver architecture and R.F. amplifier and pre-amplifier
Mixers, Local oscillators and IF Amplifiers
Automatic Gain Control and S meters
Down-converters and transverters. RIT control
Antenna feeder basics and baluns
Antennas 1
Antennas 2
Return Loss and SWR
Antenna Matching Units
Propagation - Electromagnetic Radiation
Propagation -Ionosphere 1
Propagation -Ionosphere 2
EMC - Routes of entry into TV and Radio 1
EMC - Routes of entry into TV and Radio 2
EMC - Filters 1
v EMC - Filters 2
EMC - Field Strength
EMC - Mobile Installations
EMC - Social issues
Operating Practices and Procedures - Packet Radio 
Operating Practices and Procedures - Repeaters
Operating Practices and Procedures - Intermodulation
Operating Practices and Procedures - Special Events and Band Plans
Safety - High Voltage Equipment
Safety - Mobile operation
Safety - R.F.
Safety - Protective Multiple Earthing
Measurements - Meters
Measurements - Oscilloscopes
Measurements - R.F. Power measurements
Summary of formulae provided for Advanced Exam + Link to lessons using each formula

Schedule of frequencies, restrictions and power available to Full Licence holders

Schedule of frequencies, restrictions and power available for the operation of beacons available to Foundation, Intermediate and Full Licence holders.