Amateur Radio Society of Dryden Inc.

Located in EN39ou

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Minutes of ARSD Meetings
ARSD Shop & Swap ARSD Club Info &  Contacts
Upcoming Events
City Certificate of Appreciation

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Documents for Repeater Operation & Building Antennas
Map and Repeater Directory Pinetree Intertie Manual
Photo Gallery
Emergency Trailer Project
Club Tower Damage & Repairs, Dec 99
Field Day 2001

Santa Clause Parade 2003

ARSD of Xmas Supper 2000 ARSD of Xmas Supper 2002
Dog Sled Races
VA3EOD Emergency Operations Station
Our Area Repeaters
Dryden Repeater VE3DRY
Dryden IRLP Repeater VA3DIS Dryden Fusion Repeater VA3EOD
Camp Robinson RepeaterVE3VBY  Black Hawk Repeater VE3RBK
 Sioux Lookout Repeater VE3YXL  Sioux Narrows Repeater VE3RSN
Atikokan Repeater VE3RIB Fort Frances Repeater VE3RLC
Nestor Falls Fusion Rpt VA3ENM Ignace Repeater VA3IGN
VE3DRY           VE3RMU
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VA3EOD      VA3EXT / M     VE3YDN / M

    VE3VGM / M     VA3GUN / M     VA3EXT/ATV    VE3YDN-7
VE3JJA / M         VE3JJA -9       VE3FYN / M     VE3JJX/M  
   VA3RGA / M     VA3ADI / M     VE3BVC / M    VE3XTI / M
Other Links
Ontario's Distracted Driving Exemption #13
Links to other Amateur Related Sites

Canadian Call Search

BuckMaster Call Book

Grid Square Calculator

6 Meter Propagation Logger

(RAC) Radio Amateurs of Canada


QSL NET Homepage


Industry Canada's Amateur Radio Page

KG0VL "Aurora Page"

Visit the web page of VA3EXT
VE3FYN's Homepage Yaesu System Fusion
Northwestern Ontario ARES Net

Dryden Weather

Environment Canada Weather

VA3EOD WX The Weather Network
Dryden Fire Service Weather Station


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Northwestern Ontario ARES Net

3.675 MHz LSB (ALPHA), Secondary 7.135 MHz LSB (BRAVO) - HF operators are welcome to participate in the Northwest Ontario ARES net, Wednesdays at 21:30 UTC (4:30 pm EST, 3:30 pm CST).
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