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 Club meetings take place every second Wednesday on the months of January, March, May, September & November. June is our club BBQ and December is the Christmas Supper. Location is at the City of Dryden Fire Service Building, Colonization Ave, at 7:30pm.

  An informal meeting is held at 10:00am every Saturday morning at the A&W in Dryden, on the Hwy 17.  

This year's club executive for 2018  is:

President- Bryan McDonald (VA3BRY)
Vice President- Bob McGillivery (VA3GUN)
Secretary- Dave Wessel (VE3LMU)
Treasurer- Dave Wessel (VE3LMU)
Tech Director- Scott Moody (VA3EXT)
Director- Bob Ernewien (VE3YDN)

Our club volunteer examiners (VE's) are:

  Scott Moody (VA3EXT)

Our amateur radio class instructor is:

  Dave Wessel (VE3LMU)


Our ARSD Emergency Co-ordinator (E.C.) is:

  Bob Ernewien (VE3YDN)


ARES Emergency Assistant Co-ordinator (A.E.C's.) are:


  Bob McGillivery (VA3GUN)
  Bryan McDonald (VA3BRY)
  Arnie Jansen (VA3NOL)
  Bob Ernewien (VE3YDN)


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