VA3IGN Repeater

147.180+ (PL 123.0 Hz)

IRLP #2414

Located at the Ignace Public School downtown Ignace. Elevation is 1300' above sea level.

VA3IGN APRS DIGI was installed in April 2014.

A Sinclair SRL-224 is used for the antenna with 7/8" heliax, side mounted mast on the school.

130' commercial freestanding Trilon tower was removed in 2016.

Equipment for the repeater is a GE Master II, 60 watt repeater, a 6 cavity Sinclair Q-201G duplexer, and a Link Communications RLC-3 controller. The radio and duplexers were supplied by the Amateur Radio Society of Dryden, and the RLC-3 controller was donated by Environment Canada Weather Services.

The APRS DIGI consists of a GE MVS 40 watt, Byonics TinyTrak4, Motorola MSR2000 Power Supply, & a Sinclair C2037*3, four cavity multi-coupler.

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Here are two of our Ignace amateurs that helped install the repeater. On the left, John(VE3JRA, SK), and Wally(VA3WGD). Others that helped with the repeater were, Rick(VA3RGA), Gary(VE3MOR), Ron(VA3RHP), and Scott(VA3EXT).



What we had until 2016, when tower was decommissioned.

 130' commercial freestanding Trilon tower.