VE3VBY Repeater



Located 25 miles north of the of Vermilion Bay on Hwy 105 at Camp Robinson. Ground elevation is 1500' above sea level on the Praire Mobile Communications 300' tower.

Image of va3ign1.jpg

The VE3VBY repeater equipment is owned and operated by the Amateur Radio Society of Dryden. With the generosity and help from Praire Mobile Communications, allowing it to be multi-coupled to their commercial repeater, it is using the top Sinclair 210-C4 fed by 7/8" heliax. The repeater consists of a Motorola MSR-2000 , 100 watt continuous duty radio, with a 6 can Sinclair Q201G pass, reject duplexer, putting out 40 watts into the antenna feed line. The controller is a Computer Automation Technology, CAT 300DX. It has digital voice recording for messages and signal strength tests. 


 Looking to the east at the Bell Canada tower. The right horizon of the picture looks towards Dryden, 26 miles from the Camp Robinson site. The VE3DRY repeater will remote base link to VE3VBY, allowing the two repeaters to be connected for further range to the northwest.


I thought you might like to see what it looks like from top to bottom, the whole 300'.