Pictures of our Club tower damaged by a wind storm Christmas Day 1999



Image of rainbowbullet.gif Rick (VA3RGA) and Ron (VA3RHP) starting the repairs. December 27/99.

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The two bent tower sections.

Image of rainbowbullet.gifLeft to right, Ron(VA3RHP), Gary(VE3MOR), Scott(VA3MCS),
Rick(VA3RGA), David(VE3NHD).

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Arnie (VA3NOL) with half the remains of the UHF link antenna to Sioux Narrows.
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Gary (VE3MOR) with the other half of the UHF link antenna to Sioux Narrows.
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Too windy. Left to finish another day.

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Returned 7 days later, Rick(VA3RGA) and Scott(VA3EXT)(orange) putting up the final section.

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Rick & Scott doing the final touches.

Image of rainbowbullet.gifCompleted and back running  in 1 week.

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 Back to it' old self. The 96' Trilon, Sinclair 210-C4 and two 22 element UHF link antennas.

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Image of rainbowbullet.gif These individuals had to work in the frigid temperature of -15 C.


Thanks goes out to Scott(VA3EXT), Rick(VA3RGA), Ron(VA3RHP), Gary(VE3MOR), Arnie(VA3NOL), Leo(VE3ASS), Bob(VA3GUN), David(VE3NHD), Scott(VA3MCS). We also want to thank Trevor(VE3HTT) for coming out to inspect our work.


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