This is the "Emergency Operations Dryden" station. Owned by the City of Dryden, operated by members of the Amateur Radio Society of Dryden, ARES Group. Located at the City of Dryden Fire Service Building.



It is consists of a 56' DMDX free standing Delhi tower, Comet GP-9 dual band vertical,  Cushcraft 14 element 2 meter beam, Ham 3 rotor and a Spiro all-band wire antenna for HF. The GP-9 is fed with Andrews 7/8" heliax, the beam with Andrews 1/2" heliax and the wire antenna with RG-8 coax.


Inside the station is equipped with a Kenwood DM-700A dual band radio for local and APRS communications, an Icom IC-229 VHF 2 meter radio for long haul communications with the 14 element beam, which is turned by the CDE Ham 3 rotor. The HF station is a Yaesu FT-600 with an MFJ-949E manual antenna tuner to match the Spiro all-band wire antenna. All these radios are powered by an Astron RS-35A power supply.

UI-View32 is used for the APRS software on the Compaq Deskpro PIII 933MHz computer. This APRS station is our local I-Gate and digi, with a full time DSL internet connection. It is also interfaced with a Davis Vantage Pro wireless weather station.

Check out our Weather at the Dryden Fire Service Weather Station


We had the honor of meeting Julian Fantino, Commissioner of Emergency Management for the Province of Ontario.

He made the trip to Dryden on May11th,2006 as part of Emergency Preparedness Week.

During that day, we gave a brief demonstration how we can communicate to other communities using Amateur Radio, with Woody, VA3EMC in Sioux Narrows as net control. He was quite impressed with the demonstration and got on 3730KHz to thank area participants involved with the exercise.

This involved where:

VE3JJA. Woody

VE3GRX, Hank


VA3EXT, Scott

VE3FYN, Warren,

VE3FAL, Fred

VE3EAN, Ean,

VE4AJO, Harold





The Amateur Radio Society of Dryden has a key roll in the City of Dryden's Emergency Plan.


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