This is the "Emergency Management,  Nestor Falls" digital repeater.


Operated by Woody Linton, VE3JJA.

Located at Nestor Falls, Municipal Office.


Yaesu Fusion first Gen, DR-1X v1.10n purchased early 2015.

Sent away for hardware upgrade to Yaesu for v1.10q in the summer of 2017.


 Running on a Sinclair Q-202G, 4-cavity duplexer with 1 pass cavity on RX.

Digital DN mode at MID power, 20watts,  interfaced with HRI-200, Wires-X, Digital internet link.


Utilizing Room Sioux Narrows 21578 Chatroom for linking our area Digital repeater & nodes

VA3ADI's Logging Script Page for VA3SLT Repeater on 21578 Room



Outside is a 64', T-500 Trilon free standing tower, top mounted Sinclair SRL-224 antenna with Andrews 1/2" heliax.


VA3EXT on top, installing the antenna.

Ground crew was, Woody, VE3JJA, Andy, VE3JJX, & Norbert, VA3NGD.