VA3BPL is located 100km south of Dryden off Hwy 502 on the way to Fort Frances. The tower is a 260', operated by solar, owned by Abitibi Consolidated.


The side mounted Sinclair 210-C4 was once the antenna for a packet repeater node. This was a joint effort between the Amateur Radio Society of Dryden and The Lake of the Woods Amateur Radio Society of Kenora. Dryden supplied the radio and packet node while Kenora supplied the 210-C4 and 7/8" feed line. Since packet has virtually died out locally, it was changed to a voice repeater, then now back to an APRS DIGI. With permission from Abitibi Consolidated, the radio equipment donation from Prairie Mobile Communications, and the TNC was donated by Bill, VE3BVC of Fort Frances.


 The DIGI is a GE Exec II, at 10 watts, Argent Tracker2 TNC.


 Here are a two people that helped make this happen, with the donation of radio equipment and time to help build the repeater . On the left, Murray Ronald(VE4RE), President of Prairie Mobile Communications, on the right, Richard Walczak, Service Technician & Manager for  Prairie Mobile Communications, Kenora.