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VE3DRY Reapeater Instructions  .PDF  141K


VA3IGN Repeater Instructions  .PDF  20 K


VA3ECO Remote Rig Control  .PDF   1MB


Duplexer Tuning- by VE3MOR & VA3EXT   .PDF  18.5K


SWR Truth Table - by Kurt.N.Sterba (World Radio)   .PDF  40 K


Power is No Substitute for Skill - by Rich Arland (QST Oct. 2000)   .PDF  80.5 K


Coax Attenuation Chart   .PDF  35 K


5 element 6 meter Conduit Beam  .PDF  18 K


W0OXB All-band Centerfed Zep Antenna 160m-6m  .PDF  22 K


2 Meter Instruction Guide for Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario  .PDF  1.65 Meg



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