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The information has been taken from the New Zealand Call Book, published annually by NZART. Though I will try to keep the information up to date, I strongly recommend you to check an award status before sending an Application Form and any funds. Please contact NZART Awards Manager. Alternatively, drop me an e-mail and I will help you with the info.

If you find any errors please inform me and I will correct them. Also, if you can supply me with award pictures, I will add them to this page. I hope overseas hams will find the award information to be usefull. (I remember the time being SWL, I was trying to find an information about overseas awards and it was not easy). Please read Award Notes.

Updated 29.08.06
For more information please contact the NZART Awards Manager (e-mail) or:

NZART Awards Manager
PO Box 1733
Christchurch 8015
New Zealand
NZART Awards NZART Branch Awards
ENZART Aoteoroa Postcode Award
WAP - "Worked All Pacific"/Five Band WAP Bay of Plenty Awards
NZART Guiding Light Award Christchurch Award
New Zealand Award Christchurch Branch 05 Brasspounders Club Award
New Zealand Counties City of Dunedin Award
"ZLA" Award Fiordland National Park Award
"WAZL" - Worked All New Zealand Gisborne Award
VHFCC-VHF Century Club Golden Shears Award
"WAD" - A VHF Award Kapiti Branch Award
"5 x 5" - Five by Five Manawatu Amateur Radio Society Windmil Award
"NZLA" - New Zealand Lake Side Award Manawatu Award
"CJC" - Captain James Cook Award Marlboro Wine and Food Festival Award
Tiki Award Papakura Radio Club 21 Award
ZL1 Award Railways Award
ZL2 Award Reefton-Buller Award
ZL3 Award Rhododendron Festival Award
ZL4 Award The Rotorua Award
"MIA" - Minor Islands Award The Rosetown of New Zealand
NZ Armed Services Award Taranaki Award
IARU Region 3 Operating Awards Te Puke Branch 53 Visiting Amateur Award
National Parks Award The Tane Mahuta Award
NZART Century Award Upper Hutt Award
NZ Regions Award Wairarapa Regional Award
DOCLands Award Wanganui Award
Yearly Award Waitara Branch Award
New Zealand Women
Amateur Radio Operators
Waitomo Award
Wellington Branch 50 Award
WARO Award ZL1FND Far North Avocado Festival Award
NZWARO Century Award Old Timers' Club
NZWARO Mountain Buttercup Award Old Timers' Award
OTC "75" Award

Award Notes

When applying for an award, whether through NZART or through an overseas Society, courtesy demands that you observe the following:
  1. Print your name, address and call-sign;
  2. Clearly state what award and endorsements you are appying for;
  3. Supply checking sheets with call-signs, dates of QSOs, mode, etc;
  4. Enclose required funds (currency/IRC/stamps) as requested.

For NZART Awards

  1. The usually accepted rules apply to all NZART awards.
  2. NZART stresses Honour system. Awards applicants need not hold QSL cards for claimed contacts. It is sufficient to merely certify that QSO was legitimately made. This no QSL rules applies only to NZART sponsored awards.
  3. Endorsements for mode/time/location etc, made at applicants request.
  4. StNew Zealand, US or Australian currency accepted instead of IRC but cheques not desirable.
  5. Post applications to Awards Manager.
Application Forms suitable for most awards are available from NZART Awards Manager.

Cost of Awards - cost given for awards are those for ZL applicants. Overseas applicants pay US$5.00 for each NZART award except WAP (US$6.00) or where reciprocal arrangements have been made.

For Branch Awards

  1. Logs need not be verified unless stated.
  2. All awards are open for Short Wave Listeners (SWL) unless stated.
  3. The honour system also applies to Branch awards.
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