The Wellington Branch 50 Award

Zl Amateurs need 20 points from working members of Branch 50. Club Station ZL2WB counts 5 points, Branch 50 committee members 3 points, all other Branch members 1 point.

Overseas stations require five QSOs with stations in the Wellingron area. (Wellington to Tawa but not Hutt Valey) or members of the Wellington Branch 50 NZART wherever they live.


All modes CW, FM, RTTY, Packet, SSB, etc.


All amateur bands HF and WHF. NOTE: Contacts on Branch 50 Sunday morning Net don't count towards the award.


Endorsements on request for Band/Mode, etc,


Cost to be $5.00 per Award or six IRCs.


Contacts after April 1, 1992, will qualify and the Award will be issued by Wellington Branch NZART, PO Box 6464, Wellington 6035, New Zealand.


Copy of log entries to Branch only. NO need for them to be certified QSLs are not needed.

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