A prestige award to honour NZART

  1. In three parts - (A) Basic award requires 200 points with endorsements for 250, 300, 350 points. (B) Honour award requires 400 points with additional endorsements for each additional 50 points. (C) HONOUR PLAQUE for 500 points.
  2. Points are earned as follows by contacting an NZART member who is on the voting roll of Branch concerned - Phone QSO - 1; CW QSO - 2; Club station QSO - 2; YL op. QSO - 1;UHF, VHF QSO - 1; Mobile QSO - 1; AMSAT QSO - 1; Branch President QSO - 1.
  3. It is essential to clearly determine that the operator contacted is a financial member of NZART and on the voting roll of the Branch concerned.
  4. Contacts claimed with a Branch Station must be from a Clubroom or other permanent headquaters, or alternative when the station is being operated in a contest, from an exibition, or other activity of the similar kind. Contacts as a result of call - sign "swapping" at a member's QTH are not eligible.
  5. Contacts with mobiles eligible only when the mobile station is within 30 miles of his Branch's Clubrooms or his own QTH. (Note Rule 3 above.)
  6. One station may be claimed in several categories - e.g the Branch President can be claimed for both Phone and for CW as well as for Branch President - but EACH claimed must be for a separate contact, and the contacts must be not less than 24 hours apart.
  7. Contacts must be "Phone to Phone" or "CW to CW".
  8. "Club Net" contacts are not eligible until the net concludes while contacts made in an organized "awards net" with MC etc., are not eligible.
  9. Permanent changes of QTH by claimant are permitted and likewise contacts made during genuine temporary operation.
  10. ZL applicants must be members of NZART and all applicants must certify that each contact made fulfils award requirements. No QSL card need be held of submitted but applications must be made on special Check List - cost 10 cents plus SASE (large). Contacts must date 1-11-76 or later.
  11. Each certificate costs $3.00. Overseas US$5. Endorsments free but SASE required. Overseas US$2.00 Honor Plaque NZ$10.00, overseas US$12.00.
  12. Applications to NZART Awards Manager.
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