Rhododendron Festival Award

This award is to be held by the combined clubs of Taranaki on or about November each year to coincide with the local Rhododendron Festival.
The Award Certificate will be one of a series of coloured, hand painted prints of named Rhododendron varieties by the well-known Taranaki artist, Janet Marshall.

The Award is on all bands, modes, etc, and is available to all amateurs and SWLs both in New Zealand and overseas.

  1. The Award will for 2 weeks about the begining of November each year. It is available to all Amateurs and Shortwave Listeners.
  2. Contacts may be made on any band, any mode. Each station may be worked ONCE ONLY for each separate application for the Award.
  3. NEW ZEALAND STATIONS require 25 points from those listed below:
  4. OVERSEAS STATIONS require only 6 points, calculated as above, and do not have to make a compulsory contact.
  5. Copy of log and fee to arrive before January 31, to:

    The Award Custodian
    NZART Branch 27
    C/0 45 Robe Street
  6. Fees covering Certificate and return postage:


  1. There are six different Rhododendrons in this series; each is a limited print with the kind permission of local artist Janet Marshall. The print to be used in 1999 is the fourth in the series, R. auritum previously used in 1993, but this time will carry the special ZM6RFA Call Sign.
  2. ZM6RFA and Branch Stations will be operating on a roster basis during the Award period, on or about these frequencies, phone, most nights from 07:00 UTC
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