Maidenhead RF81 Rotorua Award.
Rotorua Amateur Club Inc

  1. The name of this award is the Maidenhead RF81 Rotorua Award - in short The RF81 Award.
  2. The Award is the responsibility of Branch 33, Rotorua, NZART.
  3. The Award is for contacts into 98 Sub-squares and two contacts with the Club Station ZL1ROT.
  4. A certificate will be issued upon completion of contacts into five Sub-squares plus one contact with the club station ZL1ROT.
  5. Four Endorsements will be issued as the number of Sub-squares contacted reach 25, 50, 75 and 98. They will be known as the Geyser, Redwood, Lakeland and Mountain Endorsements respectively. The final Endorsement requires a further contact with club station ZL1ROT, making a total of 100 contacts for the full award.
  6. Contacts may be made on any Amateur band by any mode.
  7. Operators working from a Sub-square may claim that Sub-square for the own Award.
  8. Operators may be contacted before or after the Club Net (see Call Book) on 147.350 MHz. They will also operate on the Awards Net and other frequencies.
  9. The masterplan of Sub-squares will be held by the Award Manager. Copies, together with the Award Rules, will be circulated to the Award Net and other frequencies.
  10. The Sub-squares identification are: AL to GL, AM to GM, AN to GN, AO to GO, AP to GP, AQ to GQ, AR to GR, AS to GS, AT to GR, AU to GU, AV to GV, AW to GW, AX to GX, and AA to GA.
  11. Claims for Awards are required to show: date, station contacted, band and Sub-squares worked. SWLs are to quote both stations making contact and only one Sub- square is to be claimed from each contact logged.
  12. The Award will commence on March 25, 1988.
  13. The cost of the Award is five 40c stamps.
  14. Endorsements will be forwarded without further charge on receipt of SASE with claim.
  15. Claims for this Award and subsequent Endorsements are to be addressed to: The Award Manager, Rotorua Amateur Radio Club, 24 Iles Road, Lynmore, Rotorua 3201, New Zealand.
  16. This issue of the Rules of the RF81 Award is effective from May 1st, 2000.
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