Manawatu Amateur Radio Society Windmil Award

There are 48windmills overlooking the city generating electricity for the national grid. Forty eight points requiredbeing a number of windmils overlooking the city. Contacts to be made on any band and any mode made up the following points. - Stations may only be contacted once and must be financial members of Branch 20 at time of contact.
- All contacts to be made after September 1st, 2000.
- Overseas stations only need to contact 5 branch members and the Club station is not a compulsory contact for them.
- The award is open to all amateurs and SWLers.
- The cost of the award is NZ$5.00, overseas US$5.00.
- Please note that this is a separate award to the Branch DX award although it is open to DXers.
- Applications should be sent to:

Award custodian
Manawatu Amateur Radio Society
PO Box 1718
Palmerston Nort 5330
New Zealand

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