The Rosetown of New Zealand

"Grand Award"

This award, available in two levels, BASIC ADDICT, is workable world-wide by any Amateur Radio Operator or SWL.
Any mode, any amateur frequency, mixed band usage permitted, and repeater contacts are not batted. Net Operation is also permissible.
The object is to contact Grandparent operators, and claim points according to the list given below.
All applicants must be licensed amateur radio operators and their station must be operated in accordance with the Radio Regulations, plus the terms and rules of their own administration. Good operating manners and techniques will be encouraged and only one QSO per call-sign is permitted over the two levels.
Points may be claimed as follows:

A QSO with a Grand parent earns 10 points
Who is also a Great Grandparent earns another 10 points
Who is also a Great Great Grandparent earns another 20 points and should there be a Great Great Great Grandparent another 100 points and each Grandchild, Great Grand Child, etc earn each 1 points.

(For example, two Grandchildren, one Great Grandchild and two Great Great Grandchildren =5 points plus 40=45 subtotal for that QSO.)
The sub-total so claimed, is to be doubled if the operator contacted is a member of the National Radio Society of the country worked: ie, NZART, WIA, ARRL, etc.

The BASIC AWARD of 1000 points (QSL size) $7.00.
The ADDICT AWARD of 10,000 points (304 mm x 203 mm) $7.00.

Basic points can be credited towards the Addict.

Each award is a beautiful photograph of a rose, and being laminated makes an ideal wall hanging or table placemat. The Award dates from January 1, 1992.

For log Sgeet and Rules, an SASE (or IRC) to: Awards Manager, Te Awamatu ARC, NZART Branch 40, PO Box 583, Te Awamatu 2400, New Zealand.

There is no copyright on photocopying the log or rules, Applications for the Award to be forwarded with the appropriate remuneration to the above address. All awards by ordinary post. If airmail required, enclose appropriate IRC.

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