The Tane Mahuta Award

By Branch 28 with VHF and HF Rules:
  1. The HF Tane Mahuta Award for 20 contacts including at least one in the enach of the Counties of Rodney, Otamatea, Hobson, Hokianga, Mangonui, Whangaroa, Bay of Islands, and Whangarei with rules of NZC applying.
  2. The VHF Tane Mahuta Award for 20 contacts including at least one in each of the Locator Squares RF63, RF64, RF65, RF74 and that part of RF73 north of 36 30'; that is , with Sub-squares ending in M to X. Contacts must be made from one square to another.
  3. Portable and Mobile operation is permitted.
  4. Multiple contacts are permitted provided the station contacted is located in a different county or Locator Square for each contact.
  5. Repeater contacts are permitted if they are made through Northland repeaters at 7100, 7150, 7125, 7200 from outside the Northland area.
  6. Contacts on or after January the 1st 1985 are eligible.
  7. QSL cards are not required. Send certified list of relevant data. BUT for the BHF Award it is necessary to establish the full QTH Locator of the station worked.
  8. Applications to North Award Custodian. PO Box 10-078, Te Mai, Whangarei, with cost as within New Zealand NZ$5.00, Australia A$5.00, others US$5.00.
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