ZL Milestones

Did you know?

1923 The first amateur radio contact was made with Australia on April 26, between Frank Bell at Shag Valley in Otago (using callsign BELL) and Charlie Maclurcan 2CM in Sydney, on 160 m.
1923 Dan Wilkinson 2AB, in Motueka the first licensed ZL amateur.
1926 The New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters formed in Auckland,
1927 Sangster Shield contest starts. Look here for the latest results.
1929 NZART QSL Bureau established
1930 Myrt Earland ZL3AG first licensed YL operator.
1934 First contact between aircraft and ground station, established by Casey Harris ZL4CA and Ray McConnell ZL4BV in Otago, on 5m (60 MHz).
1935 VK/ZL/OC contest started. Now the contest name is Oceania DX Contest.
1938 Dave Brown ZL1HY first ZL awarded DXCC.
1952 First SSB contacts, between Jack Mason ZL1QS and Maurie Walker ZL1AU, using homebuilt equipment.
1953 New Zealand has more amateurs per capita than any other country.
1956 First two-way RTTY contact between NZ and USA, ZL1WB and W0BP.
1969 World record 144 MHz E-M-E contact between John Morgan ZL1AZR and Kjell Rasmusson SM7BAE.
1960 Jock White ZL2GX achieves world first DXCC 300.
1971 Two-metre FM repeaters established at Whangarei and Waikato.
1972 Ted Thorpe, ZL2AWJ is elected to CQ DX Hall of Fame
1974 First full-colour ATV test-pattern transmitted, by Doug Ingham ZL2TAR.
1978 First two-way contact on 24 GHz, by Peter Williams ZL2ARW and John Yaldwyn ZL2TRV.
1979 Jim Jackson ZL2BCG then Graham Alderson ZL3AAD set 432 MHz E-M-E world record when contacting I5MSH.
1982 Tasman Sea crossed on 1296 MHz by ZL1AVZ and VK2BDN.
1982 First ZL-ZL E-M-E contacts between Graham Alderson ZL3AAD and John Shorland ZL2AQE, on the 432 MHz and 1296 MHz bands.
1984 Chatham, Kermadec, and Auckland/Campbell Islands became ZL7, ZL8, and ZL9 respectively.
1985 Ronald Wright, ZL1AMO is elected to CQ DX Hall of Fame
1987 World record 2304 MHz E-M-E contact between John Shorland ZL2AQE and Tom Clark W3IWI.
Guy Kendall ZL2BIV first amateur to communicate from hang-glider.
1992 Dave Brown ZL1HY hands in call sign after becoming world top DXer, having contacted all 323 countries on current DXCC list and 375 out of 377 on the all-time list.
1997 Rebecca Butcher ZL3URB youngest-ever licensed amateur, aged 8.
1999 Campbell Island Dxpedition, ZL9CI, organised from New Zealand, makes world record 96,004 contacts.
2001 NZART 75th Anniversary Year. ZL75 callsign is used by various branches to commemorate the event.
2001 ZL6QH transmitted a low speed frequency shift keyed test signal in the 136 kHz band. John VE1ZJ, being 15,645 km away managed to receive and positively identify signals from ZL6QH.

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