Golden Shears Award

This award is established by Branch 46 of NZART to celebratethe annual Golden Shears Society's sheep shearing competitions, an event of international significance. This agriculturally based competition draws top competition from New Zealand and around the World.
The award will be an annual event and will run for 14 days ending at midnight on the first Saturday in March in each year, and the night upon which the competition finals are scheduled
  1. The Award is available to all Amateurs and Shortwave Listeners..
  2. Contacts will be confined to 80m SSB and 2m FM, each of which will attract a separate award sertificate. Note that any contacts made on 2 m repeaters or with Branch 46 members, who are operating mobile, are permited.
  3. New Zealand stations require 10 points from those listed below:.
    1. Compulsory contact with Club Station ZL2OA - 5 points
    2. Contact with individual members' stations - 1 point
  4. Overseas stations require 5 points from those listed, but NO compulsory contact with Club Station ZL2OA is needed.
  5. A copy of log details, with appropriate fee, is to be received at the following address before March 31 in the Award year:
    The Award Custodian
    NZART Branch 46
    PO Box 860
    Masterton 5915
    Award applications from New Zealand will cost NZ$5.00 and from Australia stations will cost A$5.00 for each separate Award certificate. Award applications from other overseas amateurs will cost US$5.00 for each separate Award certificate.
  6. No QSLs required. Give FULL QSO data.
  7. Award fees cover all return postage charges.
  8. Award certificate will be colour print, portraying a scene of significance to the Wairarapa, overprinted with detail of the "Golden Shears" emblem and the year awarded. A different scene will be used for each year.
  9. ZL2OA and Branch members will operate on a roster basis during the Award period, on or about the following frequancies:
    Awards Net - 3.677 SSB most nights.
    The 2m repeaters within Wairarapa will be monitored most evenings.
  10. The above rules and conditions will apply from February 1998.
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