NZLA - New Zealand Lakeside Award

  1. For Basic Award, contacts are required with stations operating on the shores of TEN (10) freshwater lakes in New Zealand. Endorsements for each additional ten lakes up to 40; Honour Award for 50 lakes with further endorsement for each additional 10 lakes.
  2. Stations must be located within one kilometre of the water or in a town on the lake shore.
  3. Full rules are with the Check Sheets which MUST be used when applying for NZLA - these cost 40 cents stamp plus SASE.
  4. Basic Award costs $3.00, overseas US$5.00. Any endorsements SASE, overseas US$5.00.
  5. Check Sheets are available from NZART Awards Manger to whom all applications must be directed. You can download them if you wish (PDF format):
  6. Eligible contacts must date 1st of May 1976 or later.
NOTE: Check Sheets are returned to applicant and make up a complete record of lakes credited towards award. Basic work for this award was done for NZART by Mike Groth ZL1AHF.

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