NZC - New Zealand Counties

Basic award required contacts with 20 different New Zealand Counties. Endorsements for 40, 60, 80, 100 are made with a special certificate for 112. Map showing counties is depicted elsewhere in this section, while checking sheet is available from NZART.
  1. Initial certificate with any of all endorsements to 100 costs $3.00, overseas US$5.00.
  2. Separate endorsements to 100, after issue of basic award. Costs 20 cents for any group - or 1 IRC. Plus SASE.
  3. Special Certificate for "NZC 112" costs $3.00, overseas US$5.00.
  4. Checking sheets which MUST be used and which are returned to applicant for record purposes cost SASE, overseas US$2.00.
  5. NZC "224" - the "224" Shield was instituted to recognize very outstanding achievement - that of "double 112" with different stations contacted in the relevant counties for each NZC 112. Current cost is $15.00, overseas US$25.00 (surface mail only). Applicants for 224 must hold TWO NZC 112 Awards. Send both log sheets when applying for 224.
  6. The operator on a "County DXpedition" whether Mobile or Fixed Portable may claim that County for his own NZC credit.
  7. The original "Counties List" will be maintained irrespective of delections or additions. The criteria will be the actual area of operation which must be determined by the honour of the operator.
  8. NZ Counties map (PDF format)
  9. NZ Counties North Island log sheet (PDF format)
  10. NZ Counties South Island log sheet (PDF format)

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