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  • "Grundig / Eton Satellit 750 to return as the Eton Elite 750" : It appears that the old pricey Satellit 750 will be available new again in mid 2020 as the Eton Elite 750. As far as we know there will be no changes made to the product (wobbly tuning knob and all ?). As our Satellit 750 review covers here, we still feel that the old Satellit 800 is a much better set. See our full "Satellit 800" review here. However this does make available again a (the only in fact) larger portable SW set in the marketplace. The MW/SW audio quality is actually better over the old Sat 800 (not as narrow MW/SW bandwidth in wide setting, but of course it lacks sync detection) but not without some nasty "bug-a-boos". Sorry, we have no plans to retest it at this time. (Jun 02)

"The Grundig / Eton Satellit 750 to return as the Eton Elite 750"
(Click on photo above for more information) (Universal Radio Photo)

  • LOWE HF-250 Review Available / NEW "LOWE HF Receivers" Groups.IO forum : Our Lowe HF-250 HF Receiver Review available here. This took some major work everyone, enjoy. Review was made possible in part with help from reader donations....."THANK YOU". John KC0G has started a NEW "LOWE HF Receiver" Groups.io forum. This supersedes the other "LOWE Receivers" Groups.io forum and the now 2 defunct Yahoo Groups ones (the first one of these I started back in June 2005). John has taken the TWO "Yahoo Groups" archive messages and condensed these into two HTML files. Also has now restored the extensive photo PDF archives. These are all readable once you are subscribed. This indeed took many hours of HARD work to accomplish (thanks John). (Updated : May 21)

The rare "Lowe HF-250 Communications Receiver" (with RC-250 IR remote control),
our full review is now available here. John KC0G has started a NEW "LOWE HF Receiver" Groups.io forum. (N9EWO Photos)
  • Updated AOR AR-7030 Page : Updated the AOR AR7030 page with what to look for in it's old age (new block added at the bottom of the page). Also updated to the larger font size we now normally use with new pages.(Updated : Apr 27)

AOR AR7030 page updated.
  • Updated Links Page : We have added new links and removed dead ones (but if you still see one please let me know). enjoy...(Apr 24)
One of the new links added (video) :
"Blondie In The Dough" Number 21 (October 1947) - Check out 23:53 into this video (from the old 1940’s Blondie movie series). Listen for the “What’s Shortwave daddy” ? (great answer). Dagwood and his pirate radio station (watch the entire 69 minute episode).

"Blondie In The Dough" Number 21 (October 1947)
  • "Sangean ATS-909X" Review Restored : Our Sangean ATS-909X review has been restored and can be seen here. NOTE : Test sample review was done with a earlier production unit (before the P-01 firmware and other hardware changes). So comparisons with a late sample may not be valid. If anyone wishes to DONATE a UNMODIFIED test sample with the P-01 firmware we will fully retest it. Downright poor near unacceptable broadcast audio MW and SW quality in our view. (Apr 23)

"Sangean ATS-909X" Review Restored (N9EWO Photo)

"Radio's That Never Were"
Page devoted to Receivers and Amateur Transceivers that never made it to the marketplace.

  The decent "AFEDRI SDR NET" Software Defined receiver.
Rev. 3.0 tested (located on the bottom of the SDRPlay RSP1A Review Page)
(N9EWO Photo)

 The new (REV 1.0) "LAN-IQ SDR" is a STANDALONE version of the AFEDRI SDR NET. Features a LCD Touch Screen and only available in the full 30 khz to 1700 Mhz version. A mechanical encoder "tuning knob" option is available.The encoder option adds $ 15. USD to the cost and NO product warranty for the 1 normal year which is very strange. See this page for more information. Here is a excellent "Fenu Radio" video worth watching. Price is $ 339. USD plus shipping from Israel. Has no internal speaker or battery. Current requirement is a hefty 850 ma maximum. Click here for a "Fenu Radio" comparasion video between it the generally not available Russian Malahit DSP. We have not tested either one of these.

 J.C. Penney (Penncrest) "model number 1996" from the late 1960's ? (N9EWO Photo Edit)

- AOR AR5700D : (Brian Robinson)....update March 25, 2020......" mine is on its second trip to AOR in Japan .I bought the radio in Jan of this year used it for 3 days found that DALL was not working and the radio kept crashing .It was sent back to Japan and I received it back on the 19th of March it was very clear since they have changed the firmware DALL no longer works but now DMR is very hit and miss on listening to clear DMR transmissions .Anyway its heading back to Japan again its very clear to me that the radio has many bugs they require sorting out I would love to compare the radio they used for this review with mine . So far I have not found any other owner of a 5700D to compare performance with as it could be that I was unlucky to get a duff one or are they all duff only time will tell .Within 24 hours of receiving the repaired radio from japan it was reboxed and it was on its way to Japan yet again ."

- AOR AR-DV1 "USB Port Failures" : (Jeff Ashby) ...update May 21, 2020......."Be aware! Here are Serial Numbers of AR-DV1's I know of from an apparently faulty batch re. USB Ports failing. This is a hardware issue, not related to USB Cables, Windows or Drivers. In three of the cases the Ports worked for a very short time before they failed. In one it was present from the beginning."


"There are in fact 4 units with the same problem I am aware of in the last 2 weeks. Must be an issue with a recent batch from AOR. Very disappointing. Earlier batches are OK. At this time the cause is unknown. It may be electronic, or the USB Port being connected badly, and possibly not glued to the PCB as it should be. I believe all were purchased in the U.K. IF you have bought a DV1 recently you would be well advised to check its Serial Number. IF it may be within the same batch then unless you check its USB Port works with suitable software, testing for at least a couple of days, including unplugging and plugging in a USB Plug several times, you may not find out about the fault whilst the Radio is under guarantee."


- The AOR AR5700D was officially FCC OET cleared on April 22, 2020 (USA consumer B version).

- From postings over on "Radio Reference" fourms, at least one other owner has NOT been experiencing any issues with the DALL function or major lockups. So could Brian's issues be because of a hardware failure (defective sample) of some kind ?

- "RadioUser" Magazine April 2020  AOR AR5700D "Features Review" in PDF format.

- Japanese AOR AR5700D “You Tube” video : Interesting 11 minute un-boxing and brief comparison to the older AR5xxx series receivers.

- New lower price in USA on May 08th, 2020 (Street price now just below $ 4800.)

  The AOR AR5700D Wide Band Receiver.

Here is very interesting post AOR Japan released on March 4th, 2020 (pasted below) : Too bad as it appears the AR-DV10 will continue to be a non marketable radio product ? AOR just continues to flat out deny ANY of the AR-DV10's issues with excessive drifting and other bugs as reported "en masse" elsewhere from actual owners and personal friends (firmware updates not helping the cause) !


"AOR Ltd. would like to raise your attention regarding an alarming increase of fake news regarding its products, circulating on radio related forums, social media groups such as on Facebook, and on fake AOR websites."

"The most recent fake news claims that a new AR-DV10 "MK2" version would be released this year. That is totally false. As a general rule and for the sake of common sense, we ask our dearest and honest customers never to trust rumours circulating on Internet. The only sources of information to be trusted regarding AOR products are www.aorja.com and the websites of our network of official AOR distributors as listed on http://www.aorja.com/aboutus/dealers.php ."

AOR may call “Dave’s Radio Receiver” page as one of the FAKE websites they make comment to (and so be it) ! This is one of the main reasons why I started this web page in 1998 (archive page here) , was with the nasty AOR AR7030 issues (my review and comments here). The failure of the 2 front panel Bourns mechanical encoders in early samples which AOR UK flat out denied was never an issue (but in reality both failed in most of the early samples with only after mild use). They “finally” switched to Alps encoders with those 2 encoders after awhile. At least back in those days AOR UK was very responsive to customers questions and concerns (and fixing issues). From our own experiences of late AOR Ltd. (Japan) no longer replies to customer questions/concern emails much at all (if at all).

MESSAGE TO AOR : AOR if you wish to DONATE a AR-DV10 sample for a extended review, I will give it a TOTALLY fair and honest report here. Just as I have done with the AOR AR-DV1 (review here) and with the ICOM IC-R30 (review here). Please contact me at my email address at the top of this webpage (I'm located in the USA) ! Sorry, I no longer write reviews with test samples on a "loaner" basis (I require proper compensation for my time / hard work doing reviews with radios I "normally" care not to actually own/purchase).

  Newly named Dave's Miscellaneous Receiver Reviews page also includes our review
on the C.Crane "Skywave" pocket portable. This is NOT the SSB version.
(N9EWO Photos)

  New "Groups io" Kenwood R-1000 list (started on Nov 30th)

NEW WJ-8711A "Condor" SP-1348 Electrolytic Capacitor Chart

Updated Icom IC-7300 Review Now Available.
In our view the flat receive audio for broadcasting listening
 with the Icom IC-7300 creates "Brain Pain" after awhile.
(mind you it's still no where near as bad as the AOR AR-DV1 for broadcast RX audio)
N9EWO's Review on the Retekess TR604 AM/FM Portable Radio.
Also have updated the Tivdio V-115 / Retekess V115 Review (firmware 1.4) (N9EWO Photo's)

Updated JVC R-S77 Stereo Receiver Review.
Still to this day the R-S77 goes down for one of JVC's BEST stereo receivers they EVER made.
*** SDRplay RSP1A UPDATES *** (as of May 22, 2020) :
- New 1.4 verson of SDRuno (release candidate 1) came out on May 19, 2020 . New (Beta) Version 3.07 of the API/HW is also included in this SDR Uno version 1.4 RC1. The version 3.07 API/HW will NOT work with earlier versions of SDR UNO. IMPORTANT NOTE : You also CANNOT have 3.06 and 3.07 co-exist on the same PC (not tested).WARNING : As of this text being typed API/HW 3.07 does NOT work with other SDR programs. So HDSDR and SoDiRa etc. will no longer function. As indicated you are not able to have 2 versions of the API/HW driver loaded on a PC (cannot co-exist). We have tested the version 1.4 RC1 and must say it is much improved over the old 1.22 we were using. .
- New Preview 32 of SoDiRa was released on May 08, 2020.  Important Note : Via user reports, 3.03 API/HW and above (driver) does NOT work with SoDiRa (untested). Requires EXTIO to be added in it's directory.

08.05.2020: Version 0.100.32
- SpyServer manager added
- DRM30 improved
- Limiter, Compander added
- Receiver tuning border and offset added
- Tuning window audio level and mute added
- Bug fixing

  Our "Updated" SDRplay RSP1A review is now available. (manufacture photo)
Icom released new IC-R8600 "1.34 firmware" on April 19, 2019 : USA 02 version linked here.
Changes in v1.34 firmware
•The MAC Address item is added in the Set mode.
•The File Split function that can record the received audio, depending on the squelch open or closed status, is improved.
•The Noise Reduction function is improved.
•Fixed an issue where the RX audio level may change when the bass level is increased.

We have tested the latest v1.34 firmware, some major performance changes we noted (see light blue block below) :
IMPORTANT UPDATE : After additional testing 1.34 firmware audio distortion is NOT as good as 1.32. We say stay with 1.32 if you want the lowest audio distortion. If the AGC Audio Swamping bothers you and desire better NR performance (noise reduction) then use the new 1.34. Many may never hear this distortion depending on the external speaker used ! Remember we use 2 way speakers with our IC-R8600 (see review text) !

N9EWO IC-R8600 TESTING with FIRMWARE 1.34 (April 19, 2019)
It’s improved in a number of area’s. Some of the fixes were undocumented in the 1.34 update notes.

 - First the NR (noise reduction) has been improved. Going above #2 setting sounds no more like“R2D2”. NR is now a useful feature whereas before it was a utter disappointment. It now operates similar to the IC-7300’s NR performance.
 - The “AGC swamping bug“(that I call it) issue when tuning across super strong signals or strong static bursts has now been fixed with 1.34. Excellent news here and appears to have also improved weak signal recovery slightly.

Only downside is while zipping through mediumwave and shortwave MEMORY CHANNELS or VFO, we now hear a disconcerting “pop” sometimes when we land on a active strong channel ,(this is quite annoying after awhile to our ears, it may not bother YOU).IMPORTANT : The SYNC  (S-AM) MUST be ON in order for this bug to be detected !

 - I detect a slight added Bass kick with broadcast stations that have it (most noticed on the FM Broadcast band) with our classic Realistic Minimus 77 speaker. Yes we do indeed set the “Bass” tone setting up to maximum (+ 15) on AM/FM and SSB modes.
 - After extensive testing, HF audio distortion while slightly better than 1.33, was still the best with 1.32. So if you want the lowest audio distortion on the HF bands..we say go with 1.32 even with the AGC swamping still present. 

IMPORTANT NOTE : These observations were made using SW Broadcasts, S-AM (U or L) mode and 10 kHz (maximum) bandwidth with the "2 Way" Realistic Minimus 77 test speaker.

N9EWO's Icom IC-R8600 "Wish List" : Here again is my firmware improvement list that we would like to see added (as doubtful any of this will ever happen) :
- Provide a "second" VFO.
- Make the RC-28 (Remote Encoder Knob) operate with the IC-R8600 totally standalone (without ANY computer connection as like with the IC-7610). I would understand an additional interface box and or cable / accessory may be required for connection to the receiver.
- Allow 1 Hz tuning steps with the tuning knob (now this is only accessible with direct keyboard entry or computer / CI-V control). The IC-7300 HF transceiver can tune 1 Hz steps with the tuning knob.
- Improve the "Synchrophase" (Sync) Detector fading distortion performance.
- Provide Wider Bandwidth Selections :
- Increase AM Mode bandwidth up to 12 kHz (or better yet 16 kHz). For MUCH improved audio with good band conditions.
- Increase SSB Mode Bandwidths up to 6 kHz (or better yet 8 kHz). This would improve manual ECSS audio by leaps and bounds. 

Icom released v1.34 firmware for the IC-R8600 receiver on Apr 19, 2019
We found it to be a mixed bag, see light blue block above. (N9EWO Photo)

Sangean's DAR-101 "Stand Alone" MP3 Digital Audio Recorder.
Click on photo for latest updated review. (N9EWO Photo)

  More nasty household appliance RFI woes for HF reception.
This time it's a "Solid State" Refrigerator Defrost Timer.
We experienced this UET120 model by Supco.

Grundig Satellit 800 Receiver (for our full review "click here")
Designed by R.L. Drake in the USA, manufactured by Tecsun in China. (N9EWO Photo)
- Very resonable price.
- Operates well enough all around with plenty of decent undistorted receive audio.
- Fusion "Yahoo Groups" have reported a number of receive failures (not just one or two), the internal speaker fails but still works with speaker mic OK.
- Internal microphone sensitivity between analog and fusion transmit audio is still far apart and Yaesu should consider separate TX level adjustments for digital and analog, otherwise TX punch is good.
- Very good ergonomics and very easy to see LCD display and backlighting.
- Many may not prefer the electronic volume control, but works well. (The FT3DR has a top mounted dedicated volume control)
- No extended receive above 579.995 MHz (nor MW or FM broadcast).
- Receive coverage lacks SW broadcast (which the FT3DR has, AM mode only).
- The biggest "Bug-A-Boo" with the FT-70DR involves "stand by" current when off. Many Chinese handhelds suffer from this bug and the Japanese made Yaesu FT-70D is nasty BAD here as well in our testing. It's receive current consumption in regular operation is OK provided it's RX LED's off and battery saver is in use (however the FT-3DR fares MUCH better overall here as shown in the specifications). ONLY way around the excessive "stand by current" bug is to totally remove the battery when not in use (a royal pain in the rump !). Yes, this is even after the recommended firmware update !
- Cabinet is on the "chubby wide" side. For anyone with small hands you know what I mean. Not easily placed in ones shirt pocket either (unless you are a lumberjack).
- Included plastic antenna continues the Yaesu tradition here (that is a bit on the "ugly-thugly" side and only so-so performance).

Nice low cost Fusion handheld, but with it's battery wows / current consumption, in our view one is best to consider the more expensive FT3DR even with it's older design CD-41 external charger option that suffers from a extremely high failure rate (very sensitive to ESD damage). Note : We have NOT tested the FT3DR model and have no plans or budget to do so. To see FT-70DR eham reviews click here. (Updated : Mar 03, 2020)

The Yaesu FT-70DR "Fusion" Dual Band Handheld. (Universal Radio Photo)
Attractive price these days but in our view one should consider the FT3DR model instead (see text above).

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