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- REVIEW - "Sangean ATS-818 / Realistic-RadioShack DX-390 / Roberts R827". In review process of a pristine condition RadioShack DX-390 labeled variant of this 90's Sangean manufactured model. Look for the review to be posted around mid~late July 2023 (subject to change). Our thanks (again) to Craig M. for the test sample donation. One HUGE pleasant surprise that we discovered that NO ONE ELSE has ever talked about with this receiver.\

PLEASE NOTE : Unless we receive additional reader test sample receiver donations(s) or major $ donation(s), appears this might be the last review we provide for 2023 ? Please see the main page for details on how YOU can help. Thank You. (Updated : Jun 05, 2023)

- REVIEW - FRG-100 Tabletop HF Receiver  Our review of the Yaesu FRG-100 posted. We have now added a MP3 audio file as recorded off the FRG-100 after the 12 KHz filter and audio modifications. (Updated : May 03, 2023)

- REVIEW - FT-991A Tabletop DSP HF / UHF / UHF All Mode Transceiver  Our review of the Yaesu FT-991A posted (as a MW / SWL broadcast receiver). Excessive internal fan noise ruins the pudding once again (just as with the FT-450D) ! Too bad as it performs decently, but no cigar here in my view. But if YOU don't mind the very annoying fan noise in receive ONLY operation and it's poky MAIN tuning knob maximum speed, then it's a most worthy SWL receiver. (Apr 12, 2023)

- REVIEW - Lian Long LLA2000R Regulated Power Supply. This is one TURKEY of a power supply with any MW / SW receiver. STAY AWAY ! Our review is located on the bottom of our MW122A power supply review page. The LLA2000R uses a very RF noisy switching regulator. The RF quiet 100% linear MW122a appears to have been discontinued (via Philmore) ? But if in the USA we have located ONE dealer that APPARENTLY has remaining MW122A stock left (Arcade Electronics) or try ebay. (Updated : Apr 02, 2023)

- Sangean ATS-808 / Realistic DX-380 / Siemens RK661 "Anti-Chuff" Modification (PDF File). There is no proper information on the internet for the "Anti-Chuff" modification for these models, so we developed this PDF file. WARNING : It's 2 surface mounted resistors that need to be removed. This information also added on the "Tips" page. (Mar 15, 2023)

- UPDATED : Grundig - eton "G2 Reporter" MW / SW / FM Receiver - MP3 / WAV Recorder-Player. We tested a 3rd "G2 Reporter" sample with later firmware and still experienced dropouts with the MP3 player (see updated text). (Feb 17, 2023)

- REVIEWS : Grundig S350 / Tecsun BCL-2000 / Degen DE1101 / Kaito KA1101 MW / SW / FM Receivers. Reviews on a couple of older portable SW receivers. (Feb 07, 2023)

- UPDATED : Grundig "Satellit 800"  / Tecsun "HAM-2000" - Chronic Dirty Antenna Switches ! We were finally forced to tackle this extremely common issue with the Grundig Sat 800 / Tecsun HAM-2000 receiver. Might seem like an easy task, but not so easy afterall (see updated review / added photo). (Feb 05, 2023)

- UPDATED : Sangean ATS-909X2 page. Firmware change log updated (hardware / firmware change to reflect the new LCD). Information as received direct from Sangean America. (Oct 12, 2022).

- REVIEWS : Tecsun PL-330 and DigiTech AR1780 / DESHIBO RD1780 SSB FM Stereo / LW / MW / SW DSP Receivers. Our Tecsun PL-330 and DigiTech AR1780 / DESHIBO RD1780 portable reviews. Our thanks to Dean B. who made these reviews possible. Have added the CCrane Skywave review on the bottom of this page for easier access (is also located on the Misc. page). (Updated : Dec 23, 2022)

- UPDATED : Sony CRF-1 review. Our Sony CRF-1 review has been completely updated as we tested a second sample. Additional text / tips and new photos. (Aug 29, 2022)

- UPDATED : Tecsun PL-880 / Tecsun PL-660 / Tecsun PL-680 Review Text. Review text reformatted (also PRO and CON now in a list).(Updated : Jul 09, 2022)

- REVIEW : ATS-25 / ATS25 - LW / MW / SW / FM DSP Receiver. Our ATS-25 receiver review includes the FREE 4.0  Bernard Binns firmware and PAID 4.11 version testing which includes synchronous detection. (Updated : Jan 04, 2023)

- REVIEW : ICOM IC-R71 Tabletop HF Receiver. Located on the bottom of our IC-R75 information / review page, we have added a ICOM IC-R71A mini review and links. (Mar 26, 2022)

- REVIEW : Burkhard - Reuter RDR55E Tabletop SDR HF Receiver. Reuter RDR55E Tabletop SDR HF Receiver guest review is now available. Our thanks to Dean Bianco. (Mar 19, 2022)

- REVIEW : TenTec RX-320 / RX-321 Reviews.  Ten Tec (Globe Wireless) RX-320 / RX-321 reviews. Be sure and see the Sherwood distortion lab number link on the bottom of the review page as well. The overall RF performance with the professional RX-321 is greatly improved over the consumer RX-320 model. (Updated : Mar 19, 2022)

- REVIEW : Icom IC-7300 Ver 10.6 (Updated).
- Added N9EWO comments with the Windows IC-7300 Memory Manager Program (Free Lite Version) with test sample 2 (using Windows 7).
- Added a IC-7300 vs. IC-R8600 SWL comparison list (near the bottom).
-"TIP" in regards to it's well known tight microphone connector and a internal photo of the tested SM-6 desk microphone.
- New information on the new ST-4003W "ICOM Time Adjustment Software".
- Updated "When the Rose is Not a Rose" (Sour Audio Quality for Broadcast Listening).
- Added the LCD "white line(s)" syndrome that MANY old and new samples are now suffering from (also see the news section below for more information on this).
- Added new text : "So Are You Are Having Limited SSB RF Output ?" (important discovery by Wayne W1QC, plus my additional finding here).
- Added new text in regards to USB cable use (if inserted when powered ON can cause internal port damage to transceiver.) (Updated : Jan 12, 2022)

- REVIEWS "Task Chairs" (Mid Back) (updated) : "BodyBilt" J752 ESD / Global T9F695506 / Eurotech 4x4LE-LM59802A / Lemberi AB-EOC01(Updated : Apr 07, 2023).

- REVIEW : "Icom IC-R8600" Ver 15.2 (Updated). We took another hard look at the IC-R8600's so-called "Synchronous Detector" and have did a reversal view with it's performance. Is about near equal to the lousy IC-R9500 Sync (our review on the IC-R9500 here) ! At first we felt it was improved, but after a few years of ownership the final word is it's NOT to our ears. Also corrected the round EIAJ DC plug information. This was wrong in previous versions of the review but has now been corrected. March 2021 service manual addendum (changes and 2nd production run for the USA 02 cell blocked version). Also added USB port connection warning. (Updated : May 29, 2022  added another LCD failure report and text / link)

- ADDED Selected Sherwood Engineering lab numbers and reports (PDF files). Posted with permission by Rob Sherwood (NC0B) (Updated : May 02, 2023 FRG-100 added)

- REVIEW : LOWE HF-250 HF Receiver (updated) Added REQUIRED electrolytic capacitor replacement section (in yellow block at the bottom of the review page). Actually this important information is valid for ALL Lowe receivers ever manufactured (HF- 225, HF-235 etc.). Bean counters making use of unrated voltage capacitors ! So if you own a Lowe set and have never replaced these capacitors....DO IT NOW ! (Updated : Sep 10, 2022)

*****  NEWS ITEMS and LINKS   *****

- Icom IC-718 "Last Call". We have learned from Icom America that the IC-718 amateur HF Transceiver has been discontinued (worldwide). As we type this we also see that some Icom USA dealers have remaining stock left on hand. Get them while you can ! Was a good run on the market (25 years ?). In our testing of a later sample purchased a few years ago (with MOSFET finals and 4 pin DC power socket), we found the AGC on SSB was totally unacceptable. It's AGC decay rate was too fast and loaded with excessive distortion (there is NO AGC adjustment provided). Some may say just adjust the RF gain down to limit that (also unacceptable). But this was returned and went with a IC-7300 (so a good thing...our full review here). (May 26, 2023)

- SDRPlay "SDRconnect" - SDRplay Hamvention 2023 demo (you tube video here). We can hope this improves SDRUNO's generally difficult installation process and unstable operation for some. Appears that June / July 2023 is good guess for a release date now of the first edition (but that is a wild guess of course ?) ? A now fully operational version was shown at the 2023 Hamvention (see You Tube video above). Yes just like with the now defunct (no longer made) Kiwi SDR product, "SDR Connect" can be used in the same way (that is having remote receive locations). However unlike the "Kiwi SDR" , it appears that one will need a SDRplay receiver on the other end (no general public access). Time will tell on that of course. (Updated : May 22, 2023)

From "Jon Hudson" SDRplay (via Groups.io) :

“SDRconnect” is the new name for the multiplatform version of SDRuno (up till now we called it SDRuno V2)

At Dayton (2022), we are demonstrating the completely rewritten Core DSP engine for Spectrum and Waterfall displays – with the prototype software running on a Mac M1 computer.  We are also showing networking capability by remotely accessing an RSP based in the UK.

Work is underway on the new graphical user interface which:
• Retains the style and popular features of SDRuno
• Offers a more consistent and intuitive layout
• Addresses fixes and improvements suggested by users ever since SDRuno was first adopted.

SDRplay plans to release the first version of SDRconnect in 2023 (appears to now be mid 2023...ed.) SDRplay is promising that SDRconnect will fully support the older obsolete RSP2 and RSP2pro products, although the original RSP1 (phased out in 2017) will not be supported by SDRconnect.(SDRuno V1.42 will continue to be available for RSP1 users).

The new graphical user interface will bring a lot of advantages based on what users have been asking for - like more consistency in the way panels and menus are organized making it more intuitive and easy to use, and the ability to lock panels together.

Sdrplay Connect Update (May 20, 2023)

"Windows 10, 11 and later – 64 bit only. Note SDRconnect will NOT run on anything earlier than Windows 10, so please don’t ask for Windows 8/7/XP etc. It is not possible to compile for these older operating systems with the tools used for the development of SDRconnect."

- METAL CASE UPGRADE FOR THE SDRPLAY RSP1A : LAST CALL . The metal case upgrade for the SDRPlay RSP1 / RSP1A is available once again . As we cover in our RSP1 / RSP1A review (see bottom of our main review for comments), this is a most worthy purchase even at the slightly increased $ 35. price. It also reduces the size so is a bit more compact. Still includes the zippered hard carrying case. As I update this still available via ebay (China Direct) and also via Amazon (USA). RTL-SDR.com informs that this will be the last batch of these (no fooling this time). So if you always wanted a metal case for your RSP1A, buy NOW before stocks run out ! (Updated : May 22, 2023)

LAST CALL : The excellent metal case upgrade for the SDRPlay RSP1 / RSP1A
 are available once again via ebay and Amazon (for a limited time while they last !). (N9EWO Photos)

- ATS-25 max. OK now we see a new version of the ATS-25 DSP receiver marked as the "ATS25 max". THIS ebay listing shows selling it with the much improved Binns version 4.12 firmware installed. Sorry we have not tested this variant and who knows what FIRMWARE version one ACTUALLY ends up with ? We were unable to load 4.12 in the now gone test sample. For folks in the USA R & L Electronics in Ohio is selling a ATS25 with this "max" marking. However it appears that R & L "max" samples have firmware 5.2a, and if true this would be a step backward from the tested Binns 4.11 and no Sync detection. See my review information here why 4.11 is more advanced than 5.2a. Sorry, we have not tested THIS EBAY ATS25 max variant and at this time have no plans to do so (unless we receive a reader donated test sample). (Updated : May 07, 2023)

THIS ebay listing shows new version "ATS25 max"
with the much improved Binns version 4.12 firmware installed.
What firmware version any "ATS-25 max" REALLY comes with is another story !

- R.I.P. Original XHDATA D-808 (High Quality) Model - Gary DeBock provided this important information on the UltraLightDX Groups.io forum dated March 24, 2023. Be sure and have peek at his excellent comparison photo in the link above. Looks like they also eliminated the excellent front end filtering (or cut it back severely). If this will also effect the DigiTech AR1780 / DESHIBO RD1780 variant (as we reviewed here) is unknown ?

"Today I received a new XHDATA D-808 (gray colored) model directly from the manufacturer in China, which has the weaker audio amplifier and other major changes noted in a black Sihuadon D-808 model disassembled two weeks ago. This provides confirmation that XHDATA is no longer selling the original D-808 models, either with the XHDATA or Sihuadon brand names."

"Distinguishing between an original and new version D-808 is easy-- a new version has rubber tabs on the bottom, and has an oval USB cable plug which can be inserted either way. The RF circuit boards in the two variants are completely different, as shown in the attached photo. The major design drawback in new D-808's is an audio amplifier which wimps out on very weak AM-DX stations, making the radio much less desirable for a weak signal AM-DXer. External antennas can provide some compensation for this, but "barefoot" DXers are stuck with it. The "original" XHDATA D-808 model received top marks in the 2021 Ultralight Radio Shootout, but since that high quality model is no longer being manufactured, prospective buyers may wish to wait until a full investigation is made of the new D-808 variant, and how it compares with the original-- and other models currently on the market."

Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware). Gary has also provided : "Old Version D-808 Vs. New Version D-808 -- Weak Signal AM-DX Shootout" This also includes cabinet comparison photos of both versions and audio files. Be sure and read the comments in this forum posting above for even more interesting info on this degrade of the D-108.
You Tube Video : "....XHDATA D-808 the NEW vs. OLD testing. (Updated Apr 08, 2023)

- Reuter RDR52 - Digital Standalone Receiver - "The first Contact"...Fenu Radio "You Tube Video" of the Reuter standalone RDR52 HF SDR / DSP receiver. At least there is a physical volume control on the RDR52. The ultra LIGHT weight of the RDR52 (under 2 pounds) makes for a "hold onto the set while pushing any front panel controls" affair (I guess put brick on top of it.....ha ha). Our thanks to Dean Bianco for the information. Reuter RDR52 - Fenu Radio Review (click here) Here is a very good question ? : Who do ALL Reuter receivers lack external speaker jacks ? PLEASE NOTE : Fixed line audio output is always a very expensive option with Reuter receivers. These are TWO VERY disconcerting niggles I have with Reuter receivers ! (Updated : Apr 02, 2023)

- NEW XHDATA D-109 FM ST/LW/MW/SW GLOBAL BAND STEREO WIRELESS BLUETOOTH RADIO - FIRMWARE BUGS. Yes another SW portable that use a 18650 lithium ion battery ! No SSB. 600 total Memory channels, MP3 player. See link above for photo and additional information. UPDATE : It has now been reported that the first production run of the D-109 has firmware bugs (frequency entry issues), but has been fixed with current production. Gilles Letourneau (VE2ZZI) has tested this model and reports that it's dynamic range and spurious signal rejection are both disasters ! It appears to also have a pretty tiny speaker. Gary DeBock provides (via Groups.io forum) his views and comments and an internal photo which clearly shows the lack of ANY worthy front end filtering. (Updated : Apr 08, 2023)

- "Kiwa Electronics" in Kasson, MN USA appears to have discontinued all radio modifications / filter upgrades. As we accessed the web page on Feb 20, 2023 , it stated : "This site is closed until further notice...Thank you for the many years of business !" So we have to assume that Craig Siegenthaler made the decision to close that part of the business? The Low and High pass filters webpage / sales continue as we type this. Very sad but we must thank Craig for all of his excellent SW receiver modifications / antennas / filters and service since 1989. How many remember the Kiwa MAP Synchronous Detector ? (Feb 21, 2023)

Kiwa's MAP Syncronous Detector / Audio Amplifier / Speaker. (click on photo)

- NEW Tecsun PL-320 DSP portable receiver.  Feature whacked version of the PL-330. Lacks SSB / Sync mode operation. Gray (painted ?) case has rounded corners that also includes a rear kick stand (lacking on the PL-330). Major change is the use of a USB Type C charger / DC input (not USB micro).  Sadly it uses the same dreaded BL-5C lithium ion battery pack. Of course the price is a bit less than the PL-330 (see N9EWO PL-330 review here). (Nov 24, 2022)

Tecsun's NEW PL-320 DSP Portable Receiver.
Feature whacked variant of the PL-330 (no SSB / Sync).

- NEW "CC SKYWAVE SSB 2". CCrane has updated the CC SKYWAVE SSB model with these marked improvements :

- 1/8 inch external SW antenna jack (plastic type).
- Charging jack now USB MICRO type (was USB Mini).
- Improved charging circuit (whatever that means).
- Higher quality speaker with slightly powerful audio amplifier.
- Longer feet on the bottom of the radio for better stability.
- 500 hz bandwidth SSB setting (Tecsun PL-330 and Digitech AR1780 / XHDATA D-808 variant models already have this)
- Simple SW Wire Adapter included.

Here is the owners manual (PDF format).
 At least they did not get stupid and make use of a lithium ion battery (still uses the MUCH more desirable 2 AA batteries for operation). WARNING : It APPEARS that the recommended AC Adapter CCrane is selling here is of a SWITCHING type ? If true will be useless for operation, only good for charging the batteries. Todderbert You Tube review - comparison here (some differences).  (Updated : Feb 05, 2023)

- CCrane Item # CWTPLP, Model: SR0509U. This rare super quiet 5 V Mini-USB regulated linear transformer type AC adapter is now back in stock. Get them while you can. See the bottom on this page for more information. (Sep 02, 2022)

- "Eton Elite Satellit" LW / MW / SW / AIR / FM / FM HD Portable DSP Receiver

"Eton Elite Satellit" portable. It is NOT a re-release of the e1 (totally different innards) ! Dreadful performance.
When first released the receiver would lock up when using the FM HD mode. Firmware 1.0.5 fixed this bug. (eton photo).
Find a nice used  [Drake designed, mfg by Tecsun] Grundig Satellit 800 instead (see our Sat 800 review here)

The "Eton Elite Satellit" - What a Disappointing Overpriced Disaster !

Uses si473x DSP receiver / filtering in it's architecture. Quick Manual and Spec Sheet are available for download on the manufactures web site.

User reports have indicated that the ONLY issue they fixed with updated version 1.0.5 firmware was with the lockup issue on HD radio reception. The rest continues to be the same disaster (below) as we type this ! PLEASE NOTE : We have NOT tested a sample ourselves. Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) !

"Passport To World Band Radio" is a reference on the posted online owners manual. This publication and web site have both been gone since 2009 and of course the address is defunct. The WRTH info given is also outdated (which has changed once again for the 2023 edition with the new publisher).

Selected comments via "the SWLing post" / Noel Ramos, W1NCR :
I must say so far I am not at all impressed. Here are the issues that bother me right out of the box:
- It mutes while tuning across the bands, including when using SSB.
- The telescopic antenna is loose. It will not hold its position when the radio is at an angle on its tilt stand.
- The lower left menus don’t line up with the hardware pushbuttons. Looks like unfinished firmware! Oh, and there are a few misspelled words in the menu system “Lossss”.
- I don’t find the audio to be all that great. My Satellit 700 is so much better.
- I’ve experienced two lockups which using the FM band…wouldn’t switch bands or power off. I had to pull the plug.
(Noel also reported hearing MW signals in the 40 meter band and FM / HD radio lockups. Appears there is no proper front end filtering ? Additional note : "It is DSP based. I opened it up; it’s does have a small ferrite loop (unlike what was believed) and everything is on two small PCBs. Most of the cabinet is empty. To be honest, the ats-909×2 is miles ahead of this one. Such a disappointment". Wow...and we felt the ATS-909X2 was a disappointment. Noel's internal photos can be seen here ("where's the beef !" comes to mind).

UPDATES (May 12, 2023)

- Dan Robinson's "You Tube" Page  
- Amazon Reviews #1
- Amazon Reviews #2

- You Tube Video : "Etón Elite Satellit HD is Junk! Mutes while manual tuning via knob....".

Reported Bugs :
- Unacceptable tuning muting (chuffing)
- Very limited dynamic range.
- No proper front end filtering !
- HAS the dreaded AGC clipping distortion bug on SSB. Even the Tecsun PL-330 does MUCH better with near zero SSB clipping and good dynamic range.
- No REAL AGC adjustments.
- PBT tuning is ONLY a Fine Tune / RIT (even in SSB and Sync modes).
- Limited Bandwidths AM / Sync modes.
- Appears bandwidths are about double to what they are shown at (but as most know I near require nice WIDE IF filters available on a SW receiver, so that part I like).
- Microprocessor noises abound using internal / whip antenna's.

- Low quality whip antenna.
With so many bugs and limited hardware it has, it is highly doubtful that Eton be able to fix the radios MANY ills to EVER warrant it's steep price ?

- MFJ-1026 Deluxe Noise Canceling Signal Enhancer . I have received a couple of emails (again) of late asking me if I have ever used the MFJ-1026 ? Yes I have and is still a hobby saving device I use when local interference plagues listening on the SW bands. Thank goodness it's never for any extended period for me and these days power line interference is the issue. I will direct you to the "Monitoring Times" article I wrote back in April 2007 (click here, in PDF format). For anyone who is going to use it with a transceiver you need to add another relay in the AUX antenna input. Don't trust it the way it comes for ANY transceiver use (and that silly RF protection light bulb). Please see this useful "You Tube" video here. This information is also (and has been) provided over on my links page.

The AUX antenna pre-amp feature in the 1026 model is a near REQUIREMENT (I will say don't bother with the lesser MFJ-1025 model). We tried a Timewave ANC4 years ago and it was not usable at my location due to the lack of the AUX antenna preamp. There are the lesser Chinese devices, but these have MUCH fewer parts so don't expect the same performance (not tested) ? (Apr 12, 2022) 

MFJ-1026 Deluxe Noise Canceling Signal Enhancer (my MT review here)
Even if a bit pricey these days, is still a most worthy accessory in the
HF listening shack.
This is NOT a plug and play device.
A second and proper AUX noise antenna is REQUIRED !
(N9EWO Photo)

- ICOM IC-R8600 / IC-7300 / IC-9700 :  Bad LCD displays "White Lines(s)" Syndrome.

This was covered on one of the Icom IC-7300 Facebook User Groups and equally important these QRZ forum postings (also see eham reviews). It appears that Icom has received at number of BAD batches of RayStar LCD screens affecting some IC-R8600, IC-7300 and IC-9700 samples. White lines just start to appear (and do not go away). From viewing all of the user report failures this is NOT happening with just one or 2 samples (it’s MANY more than that). It seems it does NOT matter when the radio was manufactured, but seems that more current production tend to have this bug pop up more ?
With some it has been 3 lines that have appeared. I have to wonder IF abusing the LCD (say touching it too hard) or using those stylus pens (or even worse trying to use screen protectors) could be a factor in this LCD failure occurring ? Someone on Radio Reference forums made this comment : "These LCD modules were outsourced (RayStar) from someone who didn't use quality adhesive on the flex cable that connects to the contacts on the LCD substrate and thus, the "lines". One thing for sure, if this is the cause, it WILL get worse over time as that glue breaks down."

Also reported that IF out of warranty ICOM is NOT covering the replacement LCD or labor charges (which is about $ 250.~300 USD including the return shipping fee). This has now become apparent that this is much greater issue happening than first thought. Icom most likely to deny that there is not a problem at all here ? The forums and other internet sources says different. Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware), but there is not been (or never has been) a radio that does not have some QC bug-a-boo's. (Updated : Sep 12, 2022)

- ICOM FIRMWARE (Updated : Mar 02, 2023)

- ICOM IC-R8600 - LCD Display Failure Issues have been reported (see bottom of N9EWO's IC-R8600 review page)
- ICOM IC-7300 and IC-9700 - LCD Display Failure Issues.
- ICOM IC-7300 Screen Replacement (You Tube Video).
WARNING : DO AT YOUR OWN RISK. Use JIS type screwdrivers ONLY of course. Be sure and read the LCD part number changes in the comments section. The IC-705 / IC-R8600 / IC-9700 SHOULD be the same display being used here ?

- JRC Receiver Display Failures
- HF RFI Generator - "Electronic Defrost Timer"

- What happens when an Uniden SDS100 lithium ion battery fails
- Uniden SDS-100 and SDS-200  Entire receiver on "one chip" disaster ?
- Uniden SDS200 - LCD Failures (again)

- Uniden SDS100 - J401 Bad Connection To PC Board


- "DeepSDR 101".  These days it’s usually many of the Chinese clones or something else for a compact standalone SDR device. I guess the Chinese SDR's are better over the first days. But I have not tested any of these. Check out Dan Robinson's "You Tube" video here with a comparasion of a couple. Many of these are grossly overpriced in our view !

The DeepSDR101 has much more limited frequency coverage over other standalone SDR devices. However I’m NOT a fan of one encoder that does all. At least provide a separate volume control. Nice front facing speaker. Also good to see the use of a BNC antenna connector instead of the less robust SMA type. Very attractive price it is. See important comments below ! (Updated : Dec 06, 2022)

eBay ad (around $ 100. USD shipped from China to USA) : https://www.ebay.com/itm/175374184628
Youtube channel with a few videos from Leon Huang : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMdgwN92DGQqMrSLKmRgUTg
Deep Elect Manufacturer website. Includes pictures and manuals : https://deepelec.com/2022/08/04/deepsdr-101-product-release/

"DEEPSDR 101" is DEEP in Issues !
Craig Menning N7TQM tests out a DEEPSDR 101. He does not recommend it to anyone ! So appears is just ANOTHER Chinese disaster SDR ? Thanks Craig for letting us know ! Will update / add to this information as required. Dave N9EWO (Updated Dec 01, 2022)


When a product description starts with "This product is neither an instrument nor a professional radio", it probably means something.

Issues :
1) A strong antenna overloads the radio badly. A preselector might help the HF mands, but AM/LW would still be a problem.
2) The spectrum display is full of image products, more noticeable on strong signals. Using the display to assist tuning is a challenge.
3) Occasionally, tuning 'misses' a station. The frequency display is right, but the spectrum display indicates not on the signal. Tuning off one step and back resolves the issue.
4) Lacks an input attenuator.
5) No FM narrow mode. It makes this useless for the 2M band as well as the VHF low band.
6) Changing the width of the spectrum display is interesting. The wider two widths appear to be before IF filtering, while the narrow seems to be after the IF filtering. 
7) Does not cover the 162 MHz weather band. While known when I ordered the radio, it is disappointing. Lacking FM narrow makes this a moot point.
8) This radio could be used as a spectrum display for  another radio, via an IF output, but the images limit its usefulness.
9) When changing stations in the AM band, while using the supplied whip antenna, lots of digital noises can be heard for the following few seconds. These eventually do stop.

There are other anomalies, but they are minor compared to the above.

Positive points :
1) FM broadcast band seems good. Sensitivity is average, selectivity is good. Audio quality from the tiny speaker, while not hifi, is good.
2) Aircraft band works.
3) Shipping from China was fast. Ordered Aug 22, arrived on Sep 02 (North Western Wisconsin).

Further testing reveals that this radio really needs some sort of preselector and attenuator to limit signals into the radio. If just using the supplied whip, you don't pick up much signal, but you also don't see any overload issues. A better antenna is just too much for the radio to handle.

All in all, this radio shows the potential of some technologies. A Taylor mixer has some interesting broadband capabilities. As implemented here, it can be used from 100 kHz to 149 MHz. When presented with a proper signal, it can be reasonably sensitive. Using an M4 processor to do all the DSP work and the display management is also impressive. The display is quite responsive and its content is presented in a way to show lots of useful information.

I hope the supplier can come out with a firmware update to add the narrow band FM mode and possibly increase the top end to 163 MHz. On the other hand, releasing the source code as an open source project, might allow someone else to make some enhancements. 

With some front end signal handling, this could be a much more interesting radio.

My antenna is a 150-200 foot wire in my backyard. (About 80 paces long.) It overloads most radios in the AM band during the day. For VHF/UHF I have a discone in the attic.  Even the discone presents too much signal to avoid overload issues.

Gilles VE2ZZI tests the DEEPSDR 101 and comes up with the same ills that Craig did above and more. Like nightmare ergonomics, the lack of a REAL AGC and limited FIXED non adjustable bandwidths (like AM only having ONE lone 9 kHz bandwidth available).

You Tube Video : Gilles VE2ZZI Complete Review "DeepSDR 101" SDR Receiver

- Malahit DSP1 (last firmware version download link here) : Please Note : The DSP1 version is discontinued, no longer available.

Firmware 1.10d (what we call Rev2) Dated Nov 17, 2021.
- fixed the error indicating the firmware version. The version is now indicated on the splash screen in the lower right corner
- added display noise reduction function to HARD menu (EMI Reduction)
- WTF replaced with WF
- changed encoder control - now, being in the menu, the frequency encoder is used for control
- added 9kHz step in SSB
- added the ability to select colors in the Visual menu
- excluded Sleeptime parameter for backlight control
- no delay when switching between menus
- small bugs fixed
- Nov 17, 2021 lower receiving frequency reduced to 10 kHz

We have installed 1.10d (what we call Rev2) in our DSP1 test sample and the review includes updated testing notes.

UPDATE : After about 18 months of use the main tuning knob would no longer select tuning step (push in the main tuning knob encoder). Review updated that covers the easy fix. (Updated : Mar 20, 2023)

(Please Note : The DSP1 version is discontinued, no longer available new)

Information on the Chinese Malachite / Malahit SDR's - "Caveat Emptor"
NOTE : Original posted information page is still available via
"The Way Back Machine - Internet Archives" ....CLICK HERE

*****  RANTS and REVELATIONS  *****

 (for USA 117 VAC input voltage)

Have covered this topic in the past with other radios that use a USB socket for power. What to do about the excessive RF noise that ALL switching AC adapters emit for use with a HF receiver ?  CCrane in California USA still has available an excellent , RARE and fairly inexpensive ANALOG / LINEAR / REGULATED 5 V 900ma USB power supply that provides enough “cool” and TOTALLY CLEAN current for operation with receivers that use a 5 pin MINI USB socket (example : Tecsun PL-880). CCrane Item # CWTPLP, Model: SR0509U. Yes it has a good old power transformer and linear type regulator. If one is handy enough, can add four .01 disc ceramic capacitors across its internal 4 power rectifier diodes to make it even cleaner (kills off diode hum for close indoor antennas, see photo). We just soldered them across the top of each of the diodes. But this is not a requirement of course AND DONE AT YOUR OWN RISK !!

Super RF quiet LINEAR 5 V AC Adapter with MINI USB connector (left). Sold by CCrane in the USA.
Hefty 900ma Output. CCrane Item # CWTPLP, Model: SR-0509U (subject to availability).
Right photo shows 4 - 0.01 disc-ceramic capacitors added to
 reduce rectifier hum with indoor antennas on MW and HF.

The downside is that the CCrane power supply has a MINI USB output cable and you need a MICRO USB for the Russian Malachite SDR (Chinese ones use a USB Type C) and other receiver that use Micro USB , so of course it will not work out of the box. Not to worry as there are simple adapters available on ebay and elsewhere. Example adapter here but a warning here that it will be a bit stressful on the receivers USB socket (so be very careful). If one is electronic handy could just change out the DC output cable for the proper one with a USB "Micro" plug (just dealing with the red and black wires of course). The CCrane adapter above is screwed together for easy access.

(Updated : Sep 01, 2022) : GOOD NEWS ! This adapter has now come back in stock ! Available once again as we typed this entry. Get them while you can.

IMPORTANT - WARNING ! : With the Russian Malahit / Malachite SDR operational current consumption approx. 300ma (as indicated in the manual), normal operation with this CCrane AC adapter is no problem at all. However when charging the internal lithium ion battery, current jumps to around 850 ma PEAK (NOTE : RECEIVER OFF) and makes this supply operate HOT and near it's maximum rating ! It would be a good idea to use a 2 AMP USB switching type adapter when charging the internal battery to rule out any possible heat failure problems down the road of the linear power supplies regulator. If you operate the receiver at home on the AC Adapter full time , best to just unplug and remove the battery.

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