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Japan Radio Co. JRC
NRD-525 HF Receiver

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The JRC NRD-525 HF Receiver.
IF Notch / 200 "on-board" memories and direct entry keypad
were added over the NRD-515 model. The AM mode audio quality was less muffled
sounding, but badly suffered from excessive "IF hiss" (very painful in SSB modes). However
in it's 12 kHz + "Wide" bandwidth (no 455 kHz filter) setting gave for excellent AM broadcast audio ! 

Country of Manufacture : Japan
Test Sample Approx Serial # :

N9EWO's Review on the Japan Radio Co. (JRC) NRD-525 DSP HF Receiver

Discontinued Receiver

We are in need of reader DONATED properly working test sample for us to write a extended review on this receiver. Please contact me directly if you can help. See the main page for contact information.

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JRC NRD-525 Important Serial Number Information

If you are looking at a used Japan Radio Co. (JRC) NRD-525 Communication Receiver, here is very important serial number data to keep in mind.

JRC NRD-525 "Serial Number" History (sorry....the internal NRD-525 EPROM Firmware is not easily or is possible to be updated)

- BR36471 (and above) SSB offset selection added

- BR36771 (and above) The tuning rate of the main tuning knob and the step increment of the UP and DOWN switches can be changed by hitting the RUN button.  Selects the desperately needed 2 tuning knob speeds between 10 Hz or 100 Hz steps. The UP / DOWN slewing buttons toggle between 20 kHz and 10 kHz. Early samples only have a single VERY POKY and extremely frustrating 10 Hz tuning knob step.

- BR38301 (and above). The last important firmware update JRC did with the NRD-525.

"Caveat Emptor" - JRC Display Failures

Display failures are now very common with the JRC NRD-525, NRD-535 Receivers and even with the JRC JST-135 Transceiver. These radios all use a "custom made" florescent type display and now being quite aged are suffering from ever weakening brightness and then just failing completely in time. They have not held up well with age. One could TRY and replace the 4 high voltage (35 to 50 volt) electrolytic capacitors in the display DC-DC converter circuit, but usually when these go out.....that's it (it turns into a great doorstop or computer controlled only set) Sorry...no new parts are available anymore.  So a "MAJOR" Caveat Emptor (buyer beware) if you are considering any used sample for purchase !!

The later NRD-545 Receiver (plus the JST-145 and JST-245 Transceivers) uses a negative LCD with a "CCFL" (cold cathode florescent tube) back light. With it's ever increasing age are also subject to become weak and in time total failure. Just as with the more elder JRC sets , parts and repair from JRC are no longer available. So once this tube fails, it becomes a computer controlled only receiver unless a owner workaround is figured out (some other way to back light the LCD and or substitute parts) ??

A general reminder, as it goes with all vintage "solid state" radio receivers / transceivers one should be aware any major ills of any certain used model before a purchase. Check it out throughly before and then cross your fingers after.

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