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Just a few web page "links" that I like and feel worth visiting.
NOTE : All are are subject to change (or have become dead) without notice below.
Enjoy, I hope you find something of interest. Dave N9EWO.

(........for any repair or radio restoration links below :)
WARNING : I will NOT be held responsible for any information that is listed here. ALL DONE AT YOUR OWN RISK !

General "Short Wave" Radio

MFJ-1026 (MFJ-1025) "Deluxe Noise Canceling Signal Enhancer" N9EWO review we did for "Monitoring Times" back in  April 2007 is still available here (PDF Document) . We still use a 1026 model (has the extremely useful preamp) at HQ as once in awhile we experience local interference that makes any SW/HF reception extremely difficult. It continues to be a hobby life saver. The Sony TV I talk about in the review is long gone, good riddance to see that out of here. Major downside to these products is the steep learning curve (one gets the hang of it after while). If one using the MFJ-1026 (or the lesser 1025 without the preamp) with a transceiver, there is a simple AUX antenna relay modification (addition) that is a requirement to be done. TIP : We found the MFJ-1026 to only work properly with PASSIVE antenna's (NO ACTIVE ANTENNAS) !

Radio / TV / Electronics related magazines / books for download

Radio Shack Catalogs (PDF and ZIP Versions)

The SWLing Post

The ShortWave Radio Audio Archive

Media Network Vintage Vault

Glenn Hauser's "World of Radio" SW BC news / program schedule

Radio JayAllen Reviews

Radio Reference Forums (for scanner VHF-UHF receivers, but includes SW/HF sections)

"QSL Card Creator"


UK Vintage Radio Amateur and Military Radio Forum

"Fenu Radio" Shortwave Receiver Reviews (as of April 22, 2022 / via Internet Archive - "WayBack Machine")

Specific SW Radio Model Pages

French (limited English) JRC NRD-525 Page

Yaesu FRG-7700 Survival Guide

Yaesu FRG-7000 modification to use the SSB Filter on AM

Yaesu FRG-8800 PLL Unlock Issue

Yaesu FRG-8800 pll unlock and flashing display

Sony ICF-6700W Restoration Page

Sony 7600 Series Page

Sony ICF-5900W "NoobowSystems Lab" Page

Sony ICF-6800W : Radio Jay Allen

Sony ICF-2010 (ICF-2001D) Repair

Sony ICF-2010 (ICF-2001D) General Information (links To other pages)

Grundig Satellit Webpage

Rainer's Candy Store - Grundig Collector and Spare Parts

Kenwood TS-2000 Receiver Sensitivity Mystery Solved

Crypto Museum : Sony AIR-7 / ICF-PRO70 / ICF-PRO80 Receivers (including Repair Notes)

Crypto Museum : Sony ICF-SW1 Receiver (including Repair Notes)

Thomas Nilsson's JRC "NRD 535 and NRD 525 comments and modifications"
(He covers the excessive Digital noise topic that ALL JRC NRD-535's have and is a MAJOR drawback to the receiver !)

General Radio History / Old Radio Sites

RadioPix DataBase (UK)

Japan Radio Co. (JRC) Historical Time Line (100th Anniversary)

Sony Historical Site (limited)

Boatanchor Pix

U.S. Clandestine Radio Equipment

Deco Radios of the 30's and 40's

Old Time Radio Downloads

Radio History Archive

XERF - The Best Darn Story Of The Whole 20th Century

United States Early Radio History

Berti Benis web site

Alan Kastner's "Radio Wallah" Page Covers Transistor Radio's From the 50's

Incident at C.Crane (Aug 2005)

Gary's Radios

Robert Davidson's "Transistor Radios Around The World"

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Failures (1999 and 2007)

JIS Screws and Screwdriver Information (Is there REALLY such a thing !!)

When a Phillips is NOT a Phillips ! (Japanese JIS Screwdrivers)

Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) Screwdrivers !

"Once More Into the Breach" (Vessel are the only REAL J.I.S. screwdrivers being made ??)

You Tube Video : "JIS versus Phillips Head Screw Drivers"

Will a JIS screwdriver work on both Phillips and JIS screws without rounding the screw heads?

General TV History

Chuck Pharis Web Page (TV Camera's)

Early Television Foundation

LabGuy's World: Extinct Video Documentation and Articles

Uncle Earl's Classic TV Channel

Television History - The First 75 Years

Museum of early consumer electronics and 1st achievements (UK)

Eyes Of A Generation…Television's Living History
(be sure and visit the main page)

General VHF - UHF "Scanner" Information / Frequency Database Sites

"Digital Frequency Search" (Find and identify USA digital radio frequencies in your area)

"Radio Reference" USA Frequency VHF-UHF DataBase

"fccdata.org" - Excellent AM/FM DataBase (USA / Canada)

"SHORT-WAVE. INFO"  - Database of the "short-wave" broadcasters

"ShortwaveSchedule.com" - Shortwave schedules around the world

Vintage Recording Media Pages

History of Recording

Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording

Tinfoil.com - Early Recorded Sounds and Wax Cylinders

The Short Lived Sony "Elcaset" Cassette Format

Museum of Obsolete Media

The VHS , History of the "Video Home System"

Cassette Recorder Museum

"Total Rewind" - The Virtual Museum of Vintage VCR's

"You Tube" Video's

Bill Gates Getting Hit With A Pie Back in 1999

Burt Wolf Travels & Traditions A Short Guide to Cell Phone Safety (#1808)

History Of SONY - Retro Corporate Film
(look for SW sets being manufactured)

How Did SONY Start? (The Origins of Sony)

What's Happening to SONY ? (The Rise and Stagnation of Sony)


Hallicrafters Shortwave Radio; Winning WWII With Technology (1944)

PHILCO Transistor Manufacturing 1957

ANTENNA MAN - News and information on USA over the air TV (including antenna reviews)

Techmoan : Featuring the best & worst of new and old technology. Cameras, HiFi, RetroTech

VWestlife -  "Kevin Tekel's" Good Tech Stuff including Radio Reviews

shango066 - Classic Radio and TV Repair Projects

Ben's (K2LAK) Oddity Archive - Audio / Video Recording History and More

Cathode Ray Dude - Videos about video! Camcorders, video recorders, and accessories.

This Does Not Compute - retro video games, computers and technology, product reviews, DIY projects

Nor Cal715 - Sony ICF-2010 / ICF-2001D Repair Videos

"The Secret Life of the Radio" - From Tim Hunkin's excellent UK series from 1988 to 1993)

Electrolytic Capacitors: Comprehensive Overview, Teardown, and Experiments

How to Pick Replacement Electrolytic Capacitors

Small Electric / Gasoline Automobiles

CitiCar is an Electric Cheese Wedge From the 70's

HM-Vehicles Freeway is the Lawn Mower Powered Three-Wheeler of Your Dreams

Electrek Uncar is a Goofy Electric Car Built Entirely in Colorado (1979)
(uses a very strange window defroster)
These People Were Insane to Build the 1982 Unique Mobility Electrek in Colorado !

Mia Electric is the Central Driver's Seat City Car You Didn't Know You Wanted

Amateur Radio "You Tube"

ICOM Internal Antenna Tuner Repair (Motor's)

MFJ-1788 40 thru 15 meter Loop Antenna (repair)
(2017 videos - Dave Casler)

MFJ-1886 HF Receive Only Loop Antenna (Dave Casler)

"You Tube" - Early TV / TV History

Philo T. Farnsworth - The Birth of Television (1939 Color Film)


I've Got A Secret - Philo Farnsworth 1957

RCA Laboratories 1942: Radio, Television, Vacuum Tube Research, Manufacture

Eisenhower WRC-TV May 22, 1958 NBC (oldest known color Videotape Recording) UPDATED LINK

NBC News Broadcast - 1949

The Beginning of Television 1941

1940s Documentary about Television (new jobs)

Television and The Telephone, a 1946 film about microwave broadcasting

Television (RCA/NBC/RKO) (1939)

The Story Of Television - RCA Propaganda Film (1956)

First Television Broadcast (Film) NBC/RCA July 7, 1936 (part 1)
First Television Broadcast (Film) NBC/RCA July 7, 1936 (part 2)

1953 Compatible Color TV Announcement NBC

TV History Project - Timeless TV classics

DuMont TV's and Network

The DuMont Story (1953 Documentary, DuMont Network)

DuMont 60th Anniversary Reunion - Chicago

The Original Amateur Hour: DuMont Network - Nov. 21, 1948

Oddity Archive: Episode 70 - The DuMont Network

Various DuMont Television Commercials (1950s)

Video's  ("You Tube" and others) - Movie / TV Programs that relate in some way to Shortwave / Scanner Radio.

"Blondie In The Dough" Number 21 (October 1947) - Check out 23:53 into this video (from the old 1940’s Blondie movie series). Listen for the “What’s Shortwave daddy” ? (great answer). Dagwood and his pirate radio station (watch the entire 69 minute episode). [Dave K. checked in and indicated that the transmitter is military BC-375 and receiver is a BC-348.]

"Father Knows Best" S03 E21 - "Short Wave" (January 1957) - While Bud is showing his family how he has learned to use a short wave radio, they overhear a distress call from a boat.

"The Munsters" S01 E18 - "If A Martian Answers, Hang Up" (January 1965) - This classic episode is where Herman has a new Ham radio and picks up two friends of Eddie playing Spacemen on their walkie talkies.

"Taxi" S04 E11 - “I Wanna Be Around” (January 1982) - Louie turns the tool room into a survival shelter. Look for the Sony CRF-320 receiver prop just left of the CB radio / desk microphone sitting on a rear desk.

"Family Ties" S02 E11 - "Birthday Boy" (January 1984) - Sparks fly when Alex defies his mother and goes to a bar on his 18th birthday. Look for the Sony ICF-2001 (the original) at 3:24 into the episode. (Sorry this episode is not available for free online viewing).

"WKRP In Cincinnati" S01 E12 - "Tornado" (February 1979) - The station staff finds themselves in danger when Herb unplugs a teleprinter just as it is receiving a local tornado warning. Look for the Radio Shack Realistic PRO-16 (cat no. 20-165) scanner receiver at 35:15 in this dual episode Internet Archive video. A Midland 13-902 weather radio sits on top of the PRO-16 scanner.

Three Stooge's episode “They Stooge to Conga" (Jan 1943)” -  A line about shortwave in this along with having a radio slant near the end.

Laurel & Hardy – "Hog Wild" (May 1930) - The boys attempt to put up a radio antenna.

Stereo Receiver Web Sites (not high end, some sites require registration)

Classic Receivers

Hi-Fi Engine (Great Source for Manuals)

Classic Audio (Parts, Info, Repair)

The Most Memorable Audio Receivers of the Last 50 Years

Tuner Information Center

Sounds Classic (Repair / Restoration / Sales) Rockford ILL

How can 30-year-old stereo receivers sound better than new ones ?

Receiver Shoot-Out: Vintage vs. High-Tech

Why LED Light Bulbs Fail Prematurely


"REAL" Surge Power Line Protection for your receiver & other electronics !!
Forget the rest and I mean ALL of the rest !!

NO MOV's (the fire prone "Metal Oxide Varistor's" as found in ALL other surge protectors) !
UPS devices do NOT protect against surges with sensitive electronic equipment !

"ZeroSurge" Inc.

"Brick Wall" Surge Suppressors - Powerline Filters
" Dave's Radio Receiver Page " - The Archives

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