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DL4MEA (Winter 1997)
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Note:This page is fairly old. It describes the station that I had before I moved to Vierkirchen.

Currently I do not plan to make a page about my current station, which should be well known among the EME community. This page is kept in order to show some Tropo options which are much more interesting for the public.

The EME antenna is for give-away, just a benefit for the material would be appreciated.

Ham Radio: DL4MEA
Location Langerringen, JN58jd 
(app. 70km west of Munich, 20km south of Augsburg) 
Grid Loc 
JN58jd (old: FI64c) 
special interests VHF, UHF, SHF 
QRV in following modes 144MHz and 432MHz Meteor Scatter 
432MHz EME 

These are my current grid square standings


50 MHz 
Worked/confirmed squares on 50MHz
(Due to my QTH in the restricted area of TV transmitter "Gruenten" 6m is very limited for me. I had an experiemental licence during the first time when 50MHz was legal in DL, but did not renew it for the further time due to that. I am currently waiting for the general opening, because my YL's QTH (JN58ri) is outside the restricted area
144 MHz 
Worked/confirmed squares on 144MHz
(This list is not a black list. But if you are or know somebody from the list, please help me to get the missing QSL card)
144 MHz missing QSL cards:
sometimes squares are worked like this
432 MHz 
Worked/confirmed squares on 432MHz
(This list is not a black list. But if you are or know somebody from the list, please help me to get the missing QSL card)
432 MHz missing QSL cards:
1296 MHz 
Worked/confirmed squares on 1296MHz
(This list is not a black list. But if you are or know somebody from the list, please help me to get the missing QSL card)
1296 MHz missing QSL cards:
2320 MHz (since 04.06.98)
Worked/confirmed squares on 2320MHz
(This list is not a black list. But if you are or know somebody from the list, please help me to get the missing QSL card)
2320 MHz missing QSL cards:
Two special maps are showing  (these maps were generated by AZPROJ)

This is my RIG: (Nearly every equipment of my radio station is homemade)

144 MHz  RX/TX 


 IC251E  (FT847) 
 MGF1302 (DJ9BV design) 
 GS35b  (homemade, converted W6PO style
   driven by a MRF141G
 2 * 15ele BV-OPT 4WL (8m) 16m agl
432 MHz  RX/TX 

 Antenna for Tropo 
 Antenna for EME 

 IC475A (FT847) 
 MGF1302 (DJ9BV design) 
 for EME an ATF35076 followed by a MAR-6, < 0.4dB NF 
 GS35b (description see here
 2 * 26ele BV-OPT 6m boom
 6 * 33ele BV-OPT70 8m boom
1296 MHz  RX/TX 
 FT847 + DD9DU transverter 
 ATF35076 in a DB6NT design (after 13m H2000-Flex cable) 
 2 * 2*2C39
 70ele DL6WU style 6m boom
2320 MHz RX/TX 
 FT847 + DB6NT transverter, 1W output 
 HEMT (removed from a SAT-TV LNA), mounted after the cable 
 planned - any suggestions? tube or solid state 
 12m H100 cable - looses around 6dB or so 
 43ele yag or 60cm dish
all Bands Audio Processing .  TSG8550 switched capacitor filter 
 K6STI DSP-Blaster a little expensive but fine working DSP filter 
 AF9Y FFTDSP for weak signal detection, observation and tuning 
 OH5IY MS-Software  for MS prediction and code transmission 
 UHER tape for MS reception with a  LA8AK audio up-converter 
Some samples from my QSOs

The Antenna Test Field of Kathrein Antennas, Rosenheim  "DXpedition" to Rosenheim, JN67bu

A special sample: Yet another way to do a QSO: DK2DB on 23cm (sorry, I lost the "DB"): (click on the pictures to get them in high resolution)
Subtitle: What is good for VLF, is also good for SHF... or... who says CW must always be at 60 lpm?
And... Yes, my 13cm transverter's frequency is instable...

His initial signal (the first "man made" signal on 13cm I ever received) 
DK2DB on 13cm using FFTDSP
"DK2" on slow speed: each dit is 3sec long 
DK2 decoded
Some photos from my operating position: (click on the pictures to get them in high resolution)
Yes, I know that the other's photos always show the operator sitting in front of a table, many tranceivers there, having the table cleaned, all items arranged correctly and the hair cut and brushed, but I do not believe that this is true for all the time. I expect that a rig more often looks like mine...
My shack...
Overall view
My shack...
Closer view of the radios
At least, it is boxed...
EME controller 
(similar to OE5JFL's, see also here)

If you wonder how is everything set up or what can happen, see here: (click on the pictures to get them in high resolution)

My EME antenna is on a foldable mast. It is rised using my car. Watch for the rope wound around the trailer clutch. 
By the way, on this picture from my balcony you can see my free view to North. 
don't pull to hard...
One time it happend that during a VHF contest the preamp relay broke. Since I need just 1 hour to change it, I decided to do so. While expanding the mast again, I pulled it too far, and so the whole mast fall down. Lucky, one of the two 70cm antennas was on the right, one of the left side of the power supply line on the other side of the roof. 
The picture shows me and my sister, DG4MNI, dismounting all. I reassembled with a spare 21ele Tonna and was QRV just before night came and reached a 16th place. 
My neighbour always says, that the weather will become better if the monkeys climb...
Never greet a Motorroller I also like motorcycling with my BMW R80GS (built 1984), prefered in Italy. Mostly I also like to visit Lake Garda, but since then time when I am no alone for me time for these is very restricted.
Sommerkeller in Igling Sometimes, I like to visit a long existing music hall close to me, Sommerkeller in Igling.
The best radio on Astra And I nearly always listen to that radio: N-Joy-Radio. Here in southern Germany, it is available on sattelite Astra only, so I can't receive it with the car radio.

Selbsterklärung gem. Vfg 306/97:
(This is in German only, since only DLs are considered about these items)
Nach einer Störmeldung meiner Nachbarn führte die RegTP Feldstärkemessungen durch und bat mich aufgrund der hohen Feldstärken meine Selbsterklärung sobald möglich abzugeben. Hier habe ich meine der Post gegenüber gemacht Erklärung im HTML- und PDF-Format veröffentlicht. Als weitere Literatur ist die cq-DL 2/98 und 3/98 empfehlenswert.

These are my current projects:

Some other descriptions which I want to show to you because of interesting details

DB0ZKA-8: PR-Mailbox in Augsburg:
For about 10 years I operated the Packet Radio Mailbox DB0KCP at my own shack. Then due to several facts I decided to shut it down locally and join it with my friend's digipeating system DB0ZKA in Augsburg, JN58ki. But I am currently still taking care on my baby, the mailbox PC and the SW operating there.

Received Awards:

Here are some "official" notes when my pages were found interesting for publicity, which I am very glad to have them received.

Key Resource
Links2Go Key Resource
moon Topic
My page was mentioned in "Funkamateur 07/98" as a recommended  link.
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