Meteor Scatter QSOs at DL4MEA (JN58jd)

(C) DL4MEA 03/1998

25.03.98    Creation

07.03.98  0600-0700  144MHz  IK7EZN  JN90dg  26 27 NC

00-05 nil
05-10 1p 1b "DL4MEA" sent 26 due to that
10-15 1p 1b "K7EZN"
15-20 1p 2b "meaik7ezndl4mea"
20-25 nil
25-30 1p -b "2"
30-35 -p 1b "7dl4mea"
35-40 1p 2b "4meaik" "ik"
40-45 3p -b
45-50 nil
55-00 nil

This QSO was not complete, since I did not hear the "2" in the report during the QSO and was unable to send the Roger-Report.

.04.98  0800-0900  144MHz  EA6VQ JM19  C

This was a QSO as you expect it to be... Within 25min we had about 30 pings and 30 bursts, but I am shure that there were more that I didn't count. Remarkable, it was not during a shower. I heard from others in the network that around that weekend (easter) reflections were bad, so we were in a very lucky situation.

Currently, my recordings are still on the tape, but here are two that EA6VQ recorded from mine. Listen to the whole signal and note how many pings and bursts came in during this QSO. Its not a special selection, it was like that on both sides.

DL4MEA during the QSO
DL4MEA final roger

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