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Posted November 26, 1999.

Turn the camera over to the hands of a four year old, and you get an intriguing insight into the things that make up the world of your child.  Genny took some photos of things that were important to her, and in their own way they remind me of the things I noticed when I was younger, reinforced by the perspective of photos taken from her own height.  Things are different from her eyes, and now she shows you her world.

g-01.jpg (84314 bytes) Wendi's car backed up near the garage.
g-02.jpg (81122 bytes) My Nebraska Cornhuskers car window flag.  She always likes it on the window she's sitting at, even though she knows having it there means she isn't allowed to roll down her window.
g-03.jpg (116072 bytes) Our backyard, the propane grille.
g-04.jpg (106580 bytes) Our front yard, her sandbox.
g-05.jpg (60411 bytes) Looking across the street from the side of our house.  She likes to watch the squirrels run along the power lines over there.
g-06.jpg (46218 bytes) Another view from our side yard, looking to the right of the above photo. . .
g-07.jpg (77813 bytes) . . . and to the left.
g-08.jpg (109694 bytes) Genny likes the new Taurus (second photo from top), but I think her heart may always have a soft spot for Farley the Dodge Diplomat, just as my heart will always have a spot for my dad's 1963 Dodge Sedan named Eloise.
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