Photos posted December 31, 2002

It's been over a year since this site was updated, so sorry for the delay.  Here are end-of-2002 Family Portraits.  Unfortunately, the resolution on the disk versions the photo studio gives you are not very good, so I won't go that route in the future and don't recommend anyone else try it, either.
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Just in case anyone needs a refresher....back row is Frank James V (Jimmy), Frank James IV (Daddy), Guenivere Rebekah (Genny), front row is Johnathan Stephen (Johnny to some), Wendi Ann (Mommy).

We took these first, so everyone was in a good mood.  For the record, the floppy bunny and baby lamb in these pictures represent the two children we lost during pregnancy, Mary Agnes (bunny) and Matthew Joseph (lamb).  Having them around the house has provided our little ones with a good deal of comfort, and keeps their memories alive.

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I liked having these pictures taken, and this pose with just the guys was directly reminiscent of our last family portraits taken about two years ago (click here).  It was kind of late in the day, and this trip was nearly spontaneous, so the little ones did not have a great deal of pent up patience to go around, it was a real trick trying to get Jimmy and John to both look at the camera at the same time.  In the top photo, he is looking away, but it was so cute we had to keep it.
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These photos were also somewhat similar to the last portraits, but my goodness how Genny has grown in two years!  I have fear for the up and coming dating years....
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children2.jpg (42265 bytes)
children3.jpg (43939 bytes)
About this time, the patience of the boys was depleted.  We also had Molly, a friend of Genny's, with us.  John wouldn't smile for the longest time no matter what despite Mom, Dad, the photographer, and Molly doing everything we could to make him smile.  Then suddenly he did, and Jimmy started to go bonkers with silly expressions that Calvin would have been proud of.  The top photo is so poetic in that everyone was doing their own thing, it seemed to me that it would make a better black and white picture, so click here to see it converted to b&w.

They were so patient with us dropping this trip into their laps at the last second, and there were still $50 Target cards that each was dying to spend, that they received for Christmas (we waited until after the holiday to cash in on the sales), so I am proud of them for holding up long enough to get the photos done.  Leaving the studio for Target was exciting, but John was asleep by the time we arrived there fifteen minutes later.

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