Photos posted December 10, 1999

19991210-01.jpg (173279 bytes) Genny's fourth birthday party, July 4, 1999, she is out on the front lawn and holding Jimmy out of harm's way as other children take a swing at the piņata.
19991210-02.jpg (226637 bytes) Genny's turn.
19991210-03.jpg (83053 bytes) Genny initially had doubts about whether she'd be able to eat the marshmallow off a string without using her hands.....
19991210-04.jpg (92924 bytes) ...but then she got some help in the proper technique from friend Brendan Hansen..
19991210-05.jpg (140689 bytes) Genny likes to read before going to sleep.  We found her conked out in mom and dad's bed in mid-read.
19991210-06.jpg (182938 bytes) During our fun visit to York this past October we hooked up with many old friends and made lots of new ones.  Here is Jimmy hanging out with some members of York College's Soul Concern.  He already looks the part, we couldn't get him away from these guys!
19991210-07.jpg (191452 bytes) While traveling during that vacation, Jimmy would come unglued about the long hours in the car.  When released he would jump and run constantly.  Here's an action shot of "Air Jimmy" at a fast food playground.
19991210-08.jpg (107023 bytes) Frank holding both Jimmy and Allyson Woods during our visit to York.
19991210-09.jpg (130791 bytes) EVERYBODY loves Don Truitt!
19991210-10.jpg (140430 bytes) Wendi, Genny and Jimmy pose for a photo with Amy and Jaeden Jaekel during a layover at the Jaekel's home in Gretna, Nebraska.
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