Photos posted April 28, 2000

2000428-01.jpg (95884 bytes) April 2, 2000.  Happy 2nd birthday, Jimmy!  Here he is just laying his hands on his genuine, authentic traditional tricycle, from Grandma Patterson.  Yes, it's real!  He's been wanting his own 3-wheel transportation for a while, but has been patient riding Genny's old pink and white one until now.
2000428-02.jpg (54949 bytes) He rang the bell over and over until we very nearly went batty.  It is very hard to part him from his new ride!
2000428-03.jpg (42161 bytes) A birthday present from Mom.  Meet Clara, a friendly, yet subdued Beagle/Springer mix.  It's been a while, and we've tried pets out occasionally , but now we seem to have found one that is pre-housebroken, doesn't eat children's toys and shoes, and stays off forbidden furniture, etc.  She's pretty shy, but still a keeper.
2000428-04.jpg (63434 bytes) Genny in her creative dance ballet class, kabitzing with the other girls.
2000428-05.jpg (69278 bytes) Genny is sometimes not quite in tune when she is with her friend, Storm.  It's easy to lose focus when you're having fun.
2000428-06.jpg (52333 bytes) Storm and Genny, running and bouncing along.
2000428-07.jpg (53866 bytes) The audience applauds a fine performance!
2000428-08.jpg (129313 bytes) Easter Sunday 2000.  Genny and Johnny hanging out amidst the clean clothes waiting to be put away.  When she's on the phone like that, I get glimpses of her when she's 15.  Yikes!
2000428-09.jpg (44852 bytes) Jimmy loves his little brother.  Here he is leaning over Johnny to get a kiss on the cheek.
2000428-10.jpg (71229 bytes) You get these boys together for nap time, and they are gone.  They always stay close together when they are sleeping, and it's sooooo cute!
2000428-11.jpg (68083 bytes) Jimmy the ice cream cone man.  He usually gets excited about the camera, but it was late, and we had promised he and Genny a cone before bed.  He had to concentrate to get through it without falling asleep.
2000428-12.jpg (84665 bytes) More Easter Sunday 2000.  Jimmy finding an egg among the clean clothes.  We knew there was a good excuse to hold off on putting the clothes away - lots of hiding places for eggs!
2000428-13.jpg (103723 bytes) Genny helped Jimmy learn the finer points of egg hunting, he got very good at it, very fast.  One time, his hawk-like vision spotted an egg across the room on a shelf that Genny was next to.  He laboriously climbed up some furniture to reach it, while Genny knew he was onto something and was trying to get it first, and he still pulled it out before she figured out where it was.
2000428-14.jpg (91876 bytes) After the hunt.  Witness Jimmy wearing his first tie.  Even I wore one, which is rare in and of itself.  Genny had been waiting anxiously for days not to find eggs and get a basket, but to wear her gorgeous new dress and hat.
2000428-15.jpg (61864 bytes) Parting shot.  Now there is one happy baby!  Johnathan is so cuddly and cute, it's worth a few drooly spots on your shirt for the chance to hold him a while, as Ron Gerst here can attest to.
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