Photos posted July 18, 2001

We hit the a carnival and concert at Parkers Lake last night with our friend Allison and her two children.  My fascination with having a digital camera got the better of me, so I took lots of pictures.  I'm trying to use the smaller setting most of the time from now own, so downloads over slow modems won't take nearly so long.
20010717-01.jpg (52974 bytes) Here we are camped on the grass about twenty feet from the stage.
20010717-02.jpg (41881 bytes)
20010717-03.jpg (51858 bytes)
20010717-04.jpg (42412 bytes)
20010717-05.jpg (57102 bytes)
Johnny, Genny and Jimmy enjoying the show and totally unaware of me taking pictures.  View of the performers from where we were sitting.
20010717-06.jpg (23456 bytes)
20010717-07.jpg (51670 bytes)
Genny and Jimmy could no longer maintain their composure and had to get up and dance.
20010717-08.jpg (34736 bytes) Genny submitting a song request to the female vocalist, right on the stage.
20010717-09.jpg (39292 bytes) A group sing along with the children, Genny found her way to the front again, and although it isn't easy, you can just make out her pink outfit in this picture, visible directly between the two performers.
20010717-10.jpg (38854 bytes) Johnny grabbed a rattle instrument along with most of the children so he could play along.
20010717-11.jpg (43543 bytes) Allison's boy John Paul was just too dang cute.  Staring at me, patiently waiting for me to take his picture!
20010717-12.jpg (51499 bytes) A good time was had by all.
20010717-13.jpg (110715 bytes) Parting shot:  Monday afternoon Genny came and did arts and crafts in my office for the second half of my work day.  She accidentally spilled a cup of water on the floor, and so she retrieved paper towels to mop it up.  After laying the first towel down, she says, "Dad, look!  A bear, a bee hive, and bees!"  Indeed it was.  Lucky me I had the camera with me, because this truly temporary work of art was only visible for a few minutes and then it was gone forever. 
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