Photos posted December 26, 2000

After a lengthy delay, we finally had formal family portraits taken for the first time since 1995.  Here they are.
20001226-01.jpg (14114 bytes) The whole family, only one print was made for hanging in the house, so if you want to see a better copy you need to swing by and visit us.  I promise you we won't mind even if you forget to call ahead.
20001226-02.jpg (15658 bytes) At first we thought it would be nice to have everyone get their own individual picture, and then had great fears of how expensive that would get if we continued sprouting little ones at our present rate.  Instead, we compromised with a shot of the ladies and gentlemen separately.  Here, of course, is Wendi and Genny, the beautiful ladies of the Billington household.
20001226-03.jpg (15078 bytes) And right on the heels of the previous shot, probably the best ever picture taken of Jimmy.  And Johnny.  And I guess I don't look too bad either, for an old guy.  I just really, really, really, really like this picture, and never get tired of looking at it.
20001226-04.jpg (41901 bytes) Here is the 2000 Christmas picture, not much more needs to be said, I guess.  Noteworthy:  Genny's favorite companion of the moment, Silver the cat, can also be seen here.
20001226-05.jpg (10269 bytes)
20001226-06.jpg (9778 bytes)
We tried out a dark and light background for pictures of just the children, to see which would contrast better with the dark blue we had everyone dressed up in.  Since having these done and spending a lot of time gazing at them, I figure we could put our little ones in front of blazing orange and purple backgrounds, or decorate around them with ketchup-covered chocolate bars, and doggone it, those children would make anything beautiful.  I suppose I have a strong bias about this, but I simply do not ever get tired of looking at these photos at work, they make me go home early whenever I can.
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