Photos posted May 5, 2000

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Old photos from Summer 1999 recently resurfaced for posting.  Here's Town of Superior's Pumper One, in front of our house.  The district is seven miles away, the fire station another five after that.  Why was a Township engine inside the City, in front of our house, you ask?  Superior's Annual Fire Muster Parade, which runs along the street just three blocks from home.  So I got the truck with Genny and drove it on up to the city, and we got the attention of the neighborhood.  Shortly after these photos were taken, the pumper was surrounded by about fifteen children under the age of twelve.
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Here's a family heirloom shot, right?  Pumper One in our driveway!  Guess where I left Farley?  In the fire station, of course.  Trading places.... looks kind of silly, and it's a good thing we didn't ask Farley to move 1250 gallons of water per minute at a fire that day while filling in.
20000505-05.jpg (100813 bytes) Genny is seen in the driver's seat shortly before the parade began.  It's pretty fun watching a parade of fire engines when you're three going on four (remember this is from last year), but it's more fun when you're actually in one of the fire engines and pushing the siren button!
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