Photos posted July 24, 2001

We attended a summer picnic on a very hot day to celebrate to arrival of a new pastor for our church.  What a good time to get more summer fun photographs, huh?
20010724-01.jpg (40550 bytes) Wendi supervises John and Jimmy playing in the sand.  Or perhaps the boys decided it was OK for Mom to play with them.
20010724-06.jpg (35720 bytes)
20010724-02.jpg (32527 bytes)
20010724-07.jpg (34058 bytes)
20010724-08.jpg (36205 bytes)
John goes for tee-ball, had a great time with the bat while playing golf/croquet/tag with the toys at his disposal.  Later, he was undaunted in his attempts to balance a big rubber ball up there instead of the little plastic ball that went missing and was nowhere to be found.  Later still, the rubber ball disappeared and he found his fun in a soccer ball, which kept rolling away from him.
20010724-03.jpg (39753 bytes)
20010724-04.jpg (29155 bytes)
20010724-10.jpg (38924 bytes)
20010724-12.jpg (31390 bytes)
Jimmy (top, left) and another young man throwing gravel on the slide.  Are there any boys that didn't do that when that age?  Here's several pictures of Jimmy and sliding, he's often so very serious about the fun he's having, he concentrates on the fun stuff a lot.
20010724-05.jpg (37219 bytes) Genny waving hello to someone off camera with her group of friends surrounding her.  Lunch was great, even for a 95 degree day.
20010724-09.jpg (24163 bytes) Genny and most of the young ladies found relief hiding in the "tree house" built into the playground equipment, a welcome respite from the hot sunlight.
20010724-11.jpg (35467 bytes) John and lunch.  They go together very well.
20010724-13.jpg (37285 bytes) It was hard to keep track of Genny, she runs in fast circles now, the big six year old!  Every once in a while you'd catch a glimpse of her, call her name and get a wave.  Yikes I feel so old!  At least we still have story time in the easy chair every night.
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