Photos posted January 27, 2000

Johnathan (Johnny) Stephen Billington
8 lbs, 9 oz, 21-1/2"
Born at 1:45 AM (CST) January 26, 2000, at home.

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Sleepyheads Johnny and Jimmy.  Man, our little one is now huge!  The digital camera I used kind of has its eccentricities.  Later this week I'll have some real pictures to scan in, they will be much clearer.
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If you lined up pictures of all three of our children as newborns, it would be very hard to tell them apart.  Johnny likes to sleep a lot so far, but as of this writing he's not even 48 hours old yet, so that will surely change.
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Look at all that hair!  With the two extra weeks he got on the inside, he grew more than Genny or Jimmy had at birth, and sports nearly 1-1/2" of fine black hair.
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Genny and her latest new brother.  She thinks it is pretty wonderful that she is the only sister in the house.

I think it was our friend Scott Cole who, when we told him the planned names for our children, pointed out a possible problem that has come to pass.  All three children have nicknames.  Guenivere is "Genny", Frank V is "Jimmy", and Johnathan is "Johnny".  Now when we call them to dinner.... "Genny, Jimmy, Johnny!"

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