Photos posted June 14, 2000

20000614-01.jpg (34936 bytes) A few tidbit photos.  The first, by request, is Jimmy posing in his Grandma-made (and way cool) fire trucks shirt, behind my 1994 Christmas present Remote Controlled Mack Aerial Platform.  Yeah, like it's mine any more.  Not.
20000614-02.jpg (20800 bytes) Speaking of toys, I picked up an electric slot-car racing set for $4 at a garage sale.  I've since added onto it four times thanks to eBay purchases.  I finally have about the only toy I wanted from my younger years but for whatever reasons didn't get.  My parents ought to be amused by this setup, and the one currently being enjoyed by my children is far, far more twisty and confusing.
20000614-03.jpg (20420 bytes) And finally, a cut/paste panoramic view of Lake Superior from the Duluth hillside.  This is the kind of scenery that greets me in the morning on the way to work, provided the harbor isn't fogged in.  The picture doesn't do it a whit of justice, but it was worth a try.
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