Photos posted November 5, 1999

19991105-01.jpg (34420 bytes) I have no idea what's wrong with me here, must have been something I ate.  Actually it was the first time I tried one of those "Warhead" candies.  People actually buy this stuff???
19991105-02.jpg (56601 bytes) Jimmy, the all around happy guy.  We've (so far) not posted any pictures of him in a bad mood.  That doesn't happen very often anyway....
19991105-03.jpg (75103 bytes) Genny and Jimmy playing outside this previous Summer, which was a beautiful season.  Summers here are so good that it makes it worth waiting through Winter for the next Summer.
19991105-04.jpg (49842 bytes) Jimmy isn't really upset here, he's just expressing himself.  Sometimes when he feels like sharing his vocal abilities, he just opens wide and lets loose - everybody better duck!  What I didn't catch was the priceless surprised look on his face about two seconds after I took the photo.  He didn't know I'd managed to sneak the camera over for a surprise screaming shot.
19991105-05.jpg (46423 bytes) Genny bemoans the loss of her baton.  That Jimmy won't leave the thing alone, maybe we should enroll him in the dance classes?
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