Photos posted February 6, 2003

20030206-02.jpg (82236 bytes) John, feeling really, really good about himself for something.  I have no idea what.
20030206-12.jpg (59248 bytes) I think this is Genny's first batch of cookies she made all by herself.  This picture got stranded in our digital camera during our move, and dates from last fall.
20030206-01.jpg (131214 bytes) OK, so you wanted to know what our new (or latest) house looks like.  If you can see it under the snow, here it is.
20030206-04.jpg (134740 bytes)
20030206-08.jpg (150001 bytes)
20030206-03.jpg (136030 bytes)
20030206-05.jpg (122427 bytes)
20030206-06.jpg (126530 bytes)
For you winter lovers or wishers, while we were getting a shot of the house, it seemed like a good time to display the lovely snowfall we got a few days ago.  Winter came a little late this year, as far as the cold temperatures go, but the snow was really very late, as this was the first significant snowfall of the season.  I didn't have to fire up the snow thrower until February.  Amazing.  As I type this, it is 1 outside (not a misprint - one degree), with a wind chill factor making it feel like about -15.  I actually wore my coat to work today.  When these pictures of Genny and Jimmy were taken, however, it was closer to 28, warm enough to play safely.  John wanted very little to do with playing outside at the time, but went out and had a blast later.
20030206-09.jpg (56043 bytes)
20030206-10.jpg (111159 bytes)
20030206-11.jpg (90237 bytes)
This didn't come out real well, but you can see some stuff when viewed full size.  The first pic is of our house with the Christmas lights on.  The digital camera was confused about colors however, so what you're really seeing is a double strand of lights around the house, one green and one blue, and then a net of white bulbs on the front hedge and on the back side in the trees.  My camera decided to make them all pretty much rainbow colored.  Weird.

The second photo is when I forgot to block the automatic flash.  Look!  It's our house --- in space!

The third is a close-up of Genny by the front hedge, I got this one because the snow piled up on the lights made for an interesting effect, which the dimness of the picture does not do justice.

20030206-18.jpg (69881 bytes)
20030206-17.jpg (74725 bytes)
20030206-07.jpg (17031 bytes)
20030206-16.jpg (93365 bytes)
On my way to work yesterday, Some more snow shots for those who don't get to see much.  On the top.... everything is white.

The second photo, though it is hard to make out, the snowfall pretty much blocked the amber light in the traffic signal.  I made a grainy enlargement of that, too.

Sitting at the same light, note the pileup of plowed snow, all street corners are like that, and parking lots are worse, as you'll see below.

20030206-15.jpg (106418 bytes)
20030206-14.jpg (86924 bytes)
20030206-13.jpg (73602 bytes)
Shortly after taking the top batch, I took the first photo in this group to demonstrate the snow volume after plowing.  The edges of all parking lots look like this, or worse if the lot is larger.  At the shopping malls, if the snow isn't hauled away, it is piled into mountains twenty or thirty feet high, and those don't fully melt until May or even June sometimes.

Then, having obtained my wintry photos I worked all day and came out to find - more snow.  So here we go again.  The snow hadn't even melted or blown off of Farley (my car) before another two inches got piled on.

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