Photos posted July 16, 2001

After another lengthy delay, we recently picked up a CHEAP digital camera, making it easier to resume posting family photos online.
20010716-06.jpg (133326 bytes) A few bits of the new house, here's the front view from across the street.  The only thing missing from this otherwise perfect picture is Farley, who has been at a repair shop for about two months.
20010716-03.jpg (139490 bytes) Here's looking to the right side out front of the house, I'm standing in front of the breezeway that you could see the rear of in one of the photos above.  I nice big driveway to play on (all the more snow to shovel, my dear).  The road is a fast one (posted 30, the cars go almost 40), but not actually very busy at all.  The younglings pretty much always exclusively play in back unless we're outside, though.
20010716-04.jpg (161553 bytes) From the same point looking to the left in front, at the front yard.  There's a long stretch of trees across from our front yard, enhancing the privacy factor considerably, and also adding to the amount of wildlife we see.  So far our yard has been graced with numerous types of birds, including robins, cardinals, blue jays, pheasant, ducks, also squirrels and chipmunks, the occasional fox and deer.  It's absolutely fabulous to watch the animals in the early evening from the front window.
20010716-01.jpg (148250 bytes) Here's the back side of our house, looking from the back yard.  The breezeway between the garage on the right and the house is really great for summer afternoon early dinners.  In the winter the screens are replaced with glass to keep the snow out.
20010716-02.jpg (160634 bytes) We have an outrageously large backyard, it goes down a hill and a couple of hundred feet.  Our yards backs up to a creek and a marsh, so there is no one behind the house.  I'm in the market for a riding mower (yeah right, maybe I can afford it this decade), but it took two full tanks of mower gas to mow both front and rear lawns with my trusty old push mower. 
20010716-10.jpg (71498 bytes) Here's Wendi's new wheels.  Our 1989 Grand Caravan developed transmission cancer, and at 163K was fast approaching the end of any real trade-in value.  We took the last opportunity to trade it in while it could drive to the dealer under its own power, took advantage of a 1% off auto loan sale at our credit union, and stole this very nice '96 Chrysler Town and Country LXi for about 2/3 of its Blue Book value.  My wife is worth it.
20010716-07.jpg (97163 bytes) Genny's sixth birthday included gifts from all over.  A few photos we promised would be online include this shot of her American Girls craft book, something often asked for.  We caved.
20010716-15.jpg (104802 bytes)
20010716-08.jpg (94255 bytes)
20010716-09.jpg (95320 bytes)
A beautiful dress that we seem now unable to part Genny from.  She got quite a few new nice outfits, and the oohs and ahhs unfortunately don't pick up on the film very well.
20010716-11.jpg (84260 bytes)
20010716-12.jpg (87997 bytes)
20010716-13.jpg (99540 bytes)
We used the opening of gifts to build up to part of the main event, the actual Felicity American Girls doll.  Genny has been hoping upon and fixed on this doll for months, never wavering from it to anything else.  She's been a very good girl, and as such was justly rewarded.
20010716-14.jpg (99243 bytes) Felicity also has her own horse.  Genny quickly learned to braid Felicity's hair, and soon after that applied the lessons to this horse's tail.
20010714-01.jpg (91593 bytes) Parting shot:  On July 14, six years and ten days after she was born, our daughter Genny lost her first tooth, making me feel very old indeed.  She's quite the entrepreneur, by the way.  She found four quarters in her tooth box the next morning.  She discovered she gets a little cold cash for offering up removed and outgrown parts no longer needed by her body.  She told us she planned to leave toenail clippings in the box the next night to see what she gets. 
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