Photos posted July 11, 2000

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A couple of nice group shots of the children for your viewing.  It has been pressed upon me from some grandparents that too many grandchild photos is never really quite enough, so this update is heavy with them  As you can see by the second photo, Johnny doesn't really mind anything at all, he's quite happy upright, sideways, whatever.
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And some less-formal shots.  You know, those pre-bedtime spots of the day where everyone is dressed like casual day.  Comfort before style!
20000711-06.jpg (33268 bytes) Johnny after bedtime.  We never get tired of taking his picture while he's asleep.  Or watching him sleep, for that matter.
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Summer has come to the North!  It's been well over 90 degrees for a few days these past week or so.  Summer is almost over then, I need to make sure the snow shovels and sleds are handy, because I'm sure the flurries will be here in a week.  No, really, Summer does last about two months (real Summer, that is) and so with a short window of time, you take full advantage of sprinkler days.
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Great Grandpa and Grandma Patterson (Wendi's Mom's parents) came through for a visit on their way cross country.  We thought they came to see us, but we were wrong.  It was the children.
We took so many photos of other things for this update that I've broken down the listings to two other pages to save on download time for this page.  Click these links for more photos from Wilderness Walk Vacation and Genny's Fifth Birthday.
20000711-40.jpg (118452 bytes) Parting shot:  What Frank REALLY does at fires.
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