Photos posted February 17, 2000

20000217-01.jpg (55694 bytes) This last summer, we promised Genny and Jimmy a vacation and camping trip.  We finally got to it at the beginning of September, and traveled to Ashland Wisconsin.  Here are the young ones on a boardwalk along a sand dune area next to Lake Superior.
20000217-02.jpg (35546 bytes) Finally at the end of the boardwalk, they sprinted to the sand.  What you didn't get to see is Jimmy reaching the end of the walk and flipping headfirst into the sand.  As Wendi and I held our breath and rushed over to him, he stood up laughing his head off.
20000217-03.jpg (78445 bytes) Our campsite at the National Forest campground.  We vacationed beginning Thursday, and since the regular vacation season was over and it was the middle of the week, we were completely alone in the 22-space campground.  Nice!
20000217-04.jpg (68118 bytes) Genny and the water pump had to work on their relationship.  Genny spent some time hanging out here.
20000217-05.jpg (46222 bytes) Roasting marshmallows over the campfire, making s'mores like there was no tomorrow.
20000217-06.jpg (68619 bytes) Jimmy, Wendi and Genny in front of our first ever tent!
20000217-07.jpg (58712 bytes) The lake at the campground (there was actually one on each side) was a favorite place for the young ones to play.  Genny found worms but didn't catch any fish.
20000217-08.jpg (50043 bytes) After a late afternoon nature walk, Jimmy was pretty tired.  It's exhausting work riding on Dad's back.  He didn't come around for over an hour like that.
20000217-09.jpg (25744 bytes) OK, we promised lots of Johnny pictures, and here they are.  This is our midwife, Anne Thibedeau, holding Johnny a few days after he was born.
20000217-10.jpg (21237 bytes) The obligatory Dad with the sleeping baby picture.  I got Wendi back later.
20000217-11.jpg (39641 bytes) January 26th:  First Diaper!  An outrage!
20000217-12.jpg (33914 bytes) Like I said, I got her back, but she never woke up to realize it.  You wouldn't have, either, after that much work.
20000217-13.jpg (22088 bytes) Hours after the big event, the happy parents.
20000217-14.jpg (42799 bytes) About twenty minutes after Johnny was born, we went to wake Genny and introduce her to her new little brother.  She was pretty woozy in the middle of the night, but brightened up for about fifteen seconds - long enough for this picture.  then she shuffled back to bed.
20000217-15.jpg (34923 bytes) The next morning, we introduced Jimmy to his new little brother.  He was fascinated.
20000217-16.jpg (29773 bytes) When Jimmy was born, Genny got a "baby present".  This time, both older ones got a gift.  Here's Jimmy opening his "Larry-Boy" puppet.  If you don't know what Larry-Boy is, click here.
20000217-17.jpg (40673 bytes) Johnny was an immediate hit, of course.
20000217-19.jpg (30014 bytes) We tried something different this time around.  We took an entire roll of black and white pictures, and needless to say I was very impressed with the results.  There are entirely new things to see in black and white, using this kind of media is entirely underrated.
20000217-20.jpg (21284 bytes) Day One:  They keep holding me up in front of this little black box that flashes really bright and annoys me to no end.
20000217-21.jpg (27012 bytes) Day One:  See, they did it again.  Sheesh!
20000217-22.jpg (31538 bytes)
20000217-23.jpg (31472 bytes)
First Bath!  An Outrage!


Hey!  There's that flashy thingy again.  What's with these people?

20000217-24.jpg (30470 bytes) Every time the camera flashed, Johnny would stop being so discontented, open his eyes, and thoroughly investigate the situation until he more or less figured out who had the camera.  Then it was more of the "Hey, I'm all wet!  I just got used to being dry for the first time!"
20000217-25.jpg (30565 bytes) Actually, the best part of giving a baby a bath is that when it is all over, and they get all warmed up in a fluffy towel, they cling to you in gratefulness for having delivered them safely from the clutches of the bathtub.  It's very sweet (and peaceful!).
20000217-26.jpg (29333 bytes) Jimmy stopped by during the bath to find out what all the racket was about.
20000217-27.jpg (35961 bytes) After the bath - that wasn't so bad, was it?
20000217-28.jpg (26653 bytes) When Johnny would get restless, sucking on Dad's finger only worked for the first week.  Now he knows the difference between a fingertip and the real deal, he won't have anything to do with my hands now, he doesn't do pretenders.  Give me the real thing or don't bother!
20000217-29.jpg (41854 bytes) I love this picture in that it has a lot of little stories to tell from the looks on everyone's faces.  If this were a color picture, it would get very little notice.  the black and white brings out a lot.
20000217-30.jpg (21661 bytes) The happy family.
20000217-31.jpg (37268 bytes) Jimmy admiring and being fascinated by his new little brother.
20000217-32.jpg (25074 bytes) Genny, totally thrilled with her "most-favored sister" status, being the only one in the house.  The other day, we were trying to calm a post-circumcised Johnny down when we heard a tremendous crash from upstairs.  Genny had knocked over two six-foot cabinets in the bathroom and miraculously escaped injury.  On the "stand", she explained she was only trying to find something to help Johnny.  I just about cried, and hugged her for her wonderful spirit.  (Be CAREFUL, please!)
20000217-33.jpg (25328 bytes) Scenes we don't get to see.  "The happy family" out take.
20000217-34.jpg (12866 bytes) Parting shot.
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