Photos posted May 30, 2000

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I came home from work one day, and found this scene in the Dining Room.  Genny often waits in hiding for me to come home.  I was about 30 minutes late this day.  Wendi and the boys are usually napping when I get home in the early afternoon.  Genny had built a fort under the coffee table and fell asleep before I walked in.  I crept into the room (not knowing she was out) and yanked the edge of the blanket up while making my best bear roar, and she barely even stirred.  Too good to pass up on the pictures, I got these and then let her be.  She slept there for another hour and a half.
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Johnny wins happy baby of the year award.  He is about the best natured baby I have ever seen, he's even smiling when he starts screeching at us sometimes.  Some highlights of the past couple of weeks:  He learned to screech for the sake of screeching (during church, no less), and sticking his tongue out at people who are willing to return the gesture.  Jimmy is not quite ready to relinquish cute child of the house honors, so he stepped in the second photo to give it his best shot.  No reason they can't stay tied for handsomeness, right?
20000530-06.jpg (29732 bytes) Jason Huff plays with Johnny, and Kristi Bond smiles for the camera, too.
20000530-07.jpg (26137 bytes) Johnny really has developed an attachment to this colorful dragon.  He'll mess with it until it tires him out to the point of exhaustion, as this photo can attest.
20000530-08.jpg (30482 bytes) Grandpa Billington came to town, and never quite seemed to get enough of the little ones.  All of the children warmed up to Grandpa in a hurry, and Johnny never had any doubts.  Goodnight.
20000530-09.jpg (23911 bytes) Story reading is a favorite pastime in our house, and Grandpa jumped in with both feet.  I don't know what my problem is in this picture, maybe I got left out?
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Genny and Jimmy quickly discovered how long they could prolong bedtime with Grandpa around to read stories to them.  Jimmy still misses Grandpa terribly and asks where he is frequently.  Truly it was a wonderful time.
20000530-12.jpg (24823 bytes) Grandpa and all of his grandchildren.
20000530-13.jpg (21955 bytes) The boys.  'Nuff said.
20000530-14.jpg (22521 bytes) The Franks.  FJB IV, V and III, all together for the first time since 1998.
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Genny was not very happy when Grandpa had to leave either, but that was somewhat tempered by the extra day we got when the first flight was cancelled.  We were all glad that he got to spend one more night at our house, serious bonus!  Genny loves her Grandpa very much!
20000530-17.jpg (26637 bytes) This photo was actually obtained for use at Farley's Page, but was too good to leave off of here.  Farley's Page has many references to dad as helping me keep the car running as well as his being the previous owner, it was high time a picture of him made it onto that site.
20000530-18.jpg (18586 bytes) Parting shot.  All of our precious little ones in a deep sleep on Mommy and Daddy's bed.  When they are truly asleep like this, they look more alike than ever.  Genny looks more like Wendi every day, and when Jimmy saw this for the first time he thought Genny actually was Wendi.
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