Heathkit Information, Modifications and Rebuilds


I like the Heathkit SB-Line “green” styling and have made a number of new units in this style as well as modifying and completely re-engineering some others - the following projects show the results of my efforts. Some of these are relatively simple modifications and the rest are new units or complete rebuilds in order to improve the performance for use in today’s crowded European band conditions.

Aerial Matching Unit

Dual Z-Match covering 1.8 - 146MHz

FM Module

Suggested design for a transceive FM adaptor

Heathkit SB - Where Next?

Some thoughts on possible improvements to the SB-Line architectures

IF Bandpass Filters

Bandpass filters for 8.395 - 8.895MHz

IF Filters 1

Lattice Filter at 3.395MHz

IF Filters 2

Measurements on and circuits of some Heathkit crystal filters

New Control Knob

Conversion of an original Heathkit control knob to a concentric type

New Inductors

Construction and measurement information on new inductors for the SB-101 rebuild

PS-1V4 Power Supply

A multi-line power supply for a QRP battery valve rig

PS-23 Power Supply

Regulated power supply for use with an SB-101 with an additional 12V PSU

PS-25 Power Supply

Low voltage high current power supply

PS-5 Valve Power Supply

A multi-voltage PSU in the Heathkit style for valve peripherals

RF Switch Box

My take on aerial selection and sharing


High voltage and bias power supply

SB-101 Modifications

Addition of 160m and changes to the microphone pre-amplifier stage

SB-101 Refurbishment

Modifications and changes to overcome component ageing.

SB-101 Rebuild

Complete rebuild on a new chassis with many additional features

SB104 Modifications

Suggested modifications to an SB104/104a.

SB-310 Rebuild

Complete rebuild on a new chassis with many additional features

SB-401 Modifications

Change keying system to full break-in using grid blocked keying plus an electronic T/R switch and addition of 160m.

SB-Line Inductors

Information and measurements on some inductors

Spares and Repairs

Some suggestions for replacing broken or worn parts

Station Console

A variant on the SB-630 Console

SWR Bridges

Repackaging the HM2102.

ValveTransverter (U)

Three band transverter styled to match the SB-101

WARC/Other Bands

Some thoughts on adding other bands

To follow when time allows:

Station Monitor


N) = New, (U) = Updated, blank = no recent change

Re-engineered Units

Summary of my completely re-engineered units in the Heathkit style