Re-engineered Units in the Heathkit Style


Aerial Matching Unit

Dual Z-Match covering 1.8 - 146MHz with HF & VHF SWR bridges and 100W dummy load built into a Heathkit SB-101 case.

PS-5 Multi-rail Power Supply

Multiple supply lines including heaters, negative bias and HT for drivers and linear PA. Built into an SB-101 case and fairly heavy!

SB-1 RF Switchbox

This unit allows any VHF aerial to be patched through to any VHF rig. Built into a Heathkit SB-600 case.

Station Console

Allows up to four transceivers to be controlled from one central position including microphone, key, loudspeaker, panadaptor and station monitor. LCD clock. Built into a Heathkit SB-600 case.

SB-310 Receiver

Completely rebuilt receiver using 7360 mixers and covering all HF bands including the WARC bands. Provides full break-in with a modified SB-401 transmitter.Also has an FM detector.

This page contains a summary of the re-engineered and completely new units that I have built in the Heathkit SB-Line style and links to the pages for each project.

PS-23 Power Supply

New version of the HP23 power supply with a switchable and regulated 250v/300v rail, switchable 800v/400v rail and internal fan cooled valve regulator.  Built into a Heathkit SB-600 case, conservatively rated and heavy.

PS-25 Power Supply

13.5v 25A regulated power supply with crow bar protection and built in a Heathkit SB-600 loudspeaker case.

PS-1V4 Power Supply

Multiple DC supply lines including 1.4v heaters, 12v, bias and HT rails for battery valve QRP equipment and experiments. Built into a Heathkit SB-600 case.

PS-2000 High Voltage PSU

This unit provides 800W at 2000v and -180v to power a single triode linear amplifier. It has been built into a KW Electronics power supply case as I have run out of SB-600 cases.

SB-101 Transceiver

Modified to have Top Band (1.5-2.0MHz) as an additional band.

SB-401 Transmitter

Modified to have Top Band (1.5-2.0MHz) as an additional band, full break-in grid blocked keying and an electronic T/R switch for aerial change-over..