PS-2000 High Voltage and Bias Power Supply


This power supply provides 2400 DC off load and approximately 2000v on load at 425mA to power a single Gs9b based HF bands linear amplifier providing about 300W output with 13dB gain.

It also provides -180v at 100mA for control grid bias.

The front panel switches are linked so that the 2000v cannot be switched on first and there is a simple inrush current limiter to control the switch on surge.

All electrolytics were fully reformed before use as described elsewhere on this site.

In keeping with the Heathkit tradition a small loudspeaker has been included on the front panel.

The photo to the right shows an inside view. Both of the DC supplies use voltage doublers and large value smoothing capacitors with balancing resistors which also provide automatic discharge facilities.

The inrush limiter, which uses a 220ohm 100W series resistor can be seen on the upper right hand. The IEC mains socket has a built in RF filter.