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Point Hicks 2005


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This Station Operates  on the Bands   1.8Mhz to 10Ghz                    

 [email protected]

This little bloke is working hard just like the fella that's building The Web Page.

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                  QTH Grid Locator QF32te

                BAIRNSDALE in Gippsland  






Interested  in VHF-UHF 

                      Rob  runs a Activity net 


  10.30 utc we start on 144.150 SSB and roll through 432.150 and onto 1296.150 It is a good test session to see how your gear is going 

Click on the Logger to find out VHF information in 




               Member of          



         01-01-1991                VICTORIA                Division                   Membership # 62391  




   National Wia        Membership  # 326828

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VK3EK gets air born and takes a pic of QTH from the Air in 2003




                      Fantastic Web Host 



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Victoria is active on APRS   Click on Logo to find out more 

Webmaster: R.Ashlin vk3ek mailto: [email protected]
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Point Hicks Aus 133

Amateur Radio Lighthouse Ring.
by Kevin vk2ce

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