Timbarra Camping Trip     

This trip into the Mountains of East Gippsland is held on the last weekend of July each year. It always was a Wicen weekend at Omeo. That event is no longer is held. So we still go somewhere and this year it was Timbarra. The event is held so you can set up your portable radio gear and also keep your hand in at camping cooking and looking after yourself in the bush where facility's are limited.  Also in this case the only communication in and out of the place was Amateur Radio     

TB 2005 111 Resized.jpg (113311 bytes)Camp Site TB 2005 118 Resized.jpg (138421 bytes)Timbarra River  TB2005 001 Resized.jpg (86810 bytes)David VK3PDX Presenting Roast Pork on the spit for Friday Night's Tea TB 2005 006 Resized.jpg (161280 bytes)Quality control check   TB 2005 007.jpg (89966 bytes)

The end Result Beautiful to say the least . We cant say perfect because he has to come back next year and try to do better 

TB 2005  013.jpg (257205 bytes)

VK3EG Radio Station

TB 2005 011 Resized.jpg (120304 bytes)

Mike VK3XL at the VK3EG Radio Station 

TB 2005 014 Resized.jpg (94067 bytes)Breakfast 

Pete VK3NPI 

TB 2005 033 Resized.jpg (136023 bytes)Rhett VK3HAP's Hilux witch he and Bella camped under Boat removal 026.jpg (157109 bytes)Rhett VK3HAP and Bella
TB 2005 016 Resized.jpg (173921 bytes) good day in the bush testing Antenna's TB 2005 018 Resized.jpg (165077 bytes)

Rob VK3EK Mike VK3NMK and Rhett VK3HAP  Testing Mick's Mobile Antenna

TB 2005 046 Resized.jpg (332734 bytes)

The Crew on Saturday

Boat removal 023.jpg (83776 bytes)Mike VK3XL Checking a home brew  Antenna Boat removal 032.jpg (236681 bytes)

Pete VK3NPI's Camp

Boat removal 005.jpg (246763 bytes)The Canvas House and Radio Shack Battery Charger 092.jpg (386322 bytes)

Pete VK3NPI and Neil VK3XNH  Chatting about this portable battery charger Neil had made 

TB VK3XL and VK3HAP 041.jpg (410168 bytes)

Mike VK3XL describing his Screwdriver Antenna he had made to Rhett VK3HAP

TB2005 116 Resized.jpg (63580 bytes)

Neil VK3XNH catches up with some of his friends on HF 

Clean up time 067.jpg (424570 bytes)

A daily job the dishes have to be done and all help 

TB 2005 114 Resized.jpg (177419 bytes)

Mike VK3NMK  Taking part in the Tasmanian Sewing Circle net 

Cllecting Fire Wood  085.jpg (464828 bytes)

Wood hunting a needed commodity in the mountains 

TB VK3XL Cookin Venison  053.jpg (370913 bytes)

Saturday Night's Tea and who better at the helm. Preparing Venison in a camp oven  Mike VK3XL 

Roast beef on the Spit o 054.jpg (424650 bytes)

Mike had a second serving of meat Roast beef on the spit 

TB 2005 059 Resized.jpg (194293 bytes)

The finished product 

TB Hunting  056.jpg (293087 bytes)

Rhett and Pete had been  for a hunt 

Sewing Circal net 096.jpg (333807 bytes)

Pete VK3NPI warming up the airways on the VK3EG radio station 

TB 2005 082 Resized.jpg (103295 bytes)

Breakfast in the mountains ever so good 

TB 2005 100 Resized.jpg (60722 bytes)

David VK3PDX at the VK3EG Radio station 

TB 2005 Koscar 038.jpg (480750 bytes)

George VK3GWK'S Mobile  

VK3PDX CAMP 040.jpg (452958 bytes)

VK3PDX Camp site 

Boned out lamb  097.jpg (316848 bytes)

Sunday Night's  Tea BBQ lamb by Rob VK3EK

BBQ Leg of Lamb Cooked  102.jpg (384525 bytes)

BBQ  lamb marinated in a special brew

Roast Vegies  099.jpg (376490 bytes)

Sunday Roast Vegies 

Steamed Vegies 098.jpg (318526 bytes)

Sunday steamed Vegies 

Timbarra food 106.jpg (326114 bytes)

The end result

The road home  123.jpg (453398 bytes)

The bit that we all Dred is having to go home

This weekend is enjoyed buy this group each year and we have a lot of fun and also learn from each other . Next year is already in the planning.