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Mt Bemm looking west . Good spot this one it is about 2hrs from Bairnsdale 

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Left to Right

Ken VK3DMW   Rob VK3EK   Jim VK3ZYC   George VK3HV   Tom VK3XBG  John VK3ZRX           Ralph VK3WRE    Peter VK3KAI  

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Mt Bemm looking toward Sydney

geting in the door at GippsTech.jpg (168443 bytes) The line up at the Door at gipps Tech Deminstrations at GippsTech(1).jpg (174790 bytes)Demonstarations  at Gipps Tech vk3wre gippstech.jpg (230877 bytes)VK3WRE on the BBQ Gipps tech
VK3XPD Deminstrating a 10ghz Station  at GippsTech.jpg (187090 bytes)VK3XPD giving a demonstration on 10Ghz at GippsTech VK3EK PLAYING MICROWAVE ON Mt NowaNowa.jpg (331298 bytes)VK3EK Portable Mt bemm VK3EK Portable Mt Bemm.jpg (238032 bytes)VK3EK Portable Mt Bemm  3.4 Ghz
VK3EK PORTABLE MT Bemm  on 10 ghz.jpg (251775 bytes)VK3EK Portable Mt Bemm on  10 Ghz VK3EK 10ghz vk5nc 24ghz from Moonlight Head.jpg (215797 bytes)VK3EK on 10 Ghz Portable Moonlight Head and VK5NC on 24 Ghz VK3AXH at GippsTech.jpg (170216 bytes)Vvk5nc 24ghz from Moonlight Head.jpg (96242 bytes)VK5NC Portable 24Ghz Moonlight Head
vk3zqb qth.jpg (323630 bytes)This was the place in Port Fairy to be when my 10Ghz box was made to be able to hear thanks to Russell VK3ZQB and the team QSL.jpg (63855 bytes) Mt Bemm  QF42li  14th January 2006 Contacts made from 50Mhz  To  10Ghz SV400006.jpg (68763 bytes)   Mt Bemm FM  Antenna's.jpg (112242 bytes)

SSB and FM Antenna's Mt Bemm January 2006