Portable Tower

                           By Robbbie 


This is a portable tower that one person can erect very easily and safely 

SV400002.JPG (246635 bytes)All the parts Except for modified locking clamp and 6M Mast   SV400003.JPG (242095 bytes)   Drilling Base Plate 300mm x 300mm x  4mm                                
BASE .JPG (246241 bytes)50mm Angel x 150mm SV400006.JPG (247625 bytes)Base plate with 50mm x 6mm bolts and Nylock Nuts. All bolts and nuts are stainless steel 
SV400005.jpg (230763 bytes)300mm x 31mm Solid Aluminium center   SV400007.JPG (234624 bytes)400 mm x 10mm  Tent Pegs 
SV400008.JPG (240997 bytes)Pegs are hammed into the ground on a angel. and the 32mm inside diameter  mast slides over 31mm out side diameter  solid center bolted to base. This solid center at the base plate swivels to make it easy to erect    SV400009.JPG (246585 bytes)The mast is 38mm  x 3mm wall thickness  6m long cut in half on a 45 deg Angel .and it has a 31mm solid aluminium center for joining the mast. This makes it very strong  
Direction Lock 1.jpg (394125 bytes)Base Plate and direction locking mechanism Direction Lock 2.jpg (368997 bytes) SV400012.JPG (238516 bytes)Guy Rope hooks  very solid fixture.  
SV400013.JPG (246882 bytes)Extra large guy ropes 6m long. Latching peg should be about 4m from base plate   SV400015.JPG (239767 bytes)Pick up top end of your mast  
SV400016.jpg (178423 bytes)Walk mast up and hold onto opposite side guy rope when you get to center.


SV400017.jpg (169779 bytes) walk across to latching peg and hook guy  rope onto it  At first do this with no Antenna's on your Tower and it is easy to adjust your guy ropes to the correct length  
VK3EK Recom Antenna at Mallacoota.jpg (234727 bytes)This application is with a Wooden section on top coated with fibreglass to seal it and a halyard at the top for attaching wire antenna's  SV400017.jpg (169779 bytes)This application has 1.5m. Top section  above the  guy rope hooks for a multi vhf uhf antennas
Point Hicks 200416.JPG (41283 bytes)his application is for a Larger Antenna  2 or 3 Element Tri Band Yagi . The section is only 300mm above the guy hooks Helyard.jpg (111425 bytes)This is the 50 mm Wooden pole coated with resin and Fibreglass. For two reasons one for sealing it and the other for strength . The Pulley make the razing of wire antenna's easy  
Helyard 1.jpg (98315 bytes)This is the section that slides over the top of the mast 300mm above guy rope hooks  This Tower is very easy to Transport. As it is only 2 X 3 Meter Sections. It can be put on any car roof rack. The remainder of the equipment needed packs into a small bag or box . The Aluminium welding was done by a professional Aluminium fabrication place